time waster

I was going to update my website tonight and what did I do instead? Watch TV. Oh bother... I'm now smacking myself in the head for being dumb.
On another note, I painted my nails while I was wasting time. That was pretty great, they're pink.


happy brick

So, life throws bricks in my face. I'm guessing it gets a pretty good laugh. But this was a happy brick, so I'm okay with it!
To explain...
When all the divorce drama started, the last place in the world that I wanted to be was in our house. So I let Jordan have it. Whatever. I didn't care. Well, long story short, Jordan isn't going to be living there anymore and I don't care about not being there anymore and so guess what? I get the house! Woo! I'm super excited about it. I'll be moving in at the end of the month. And I found out about it last night (that's the brick aspect).

Another happy note, I turned in my BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) portfolio today. I went up to Pictureline and got a-ma-zing matt photo paper. I spent a pretty little penny on it, but wow was it worth it! I've never seen such fantastic matt prints. The tonal range was awesome and the colors and blacks so rich. Wow, I was so impressed and I'm officially dedicated to this paper forever and always. My dad also helped me built a wooden case to put the prints in. It looked pretty spectacular. So now I'm just crossing my fingers that I get in the program. I'll let you know!

I also have a photo hanging up in a show at the Orem city center. The exhibit's on 9/11 portraits my class did in Documentary Photography. If you get a sec, you should go see them. Some of them are pretty great :)

Mr. S is doing awesome. We see each other almost every day (which I'm not complaining about). I kinda like him a lot, just sayin'. We did have a conversation about dating other people. I brought it up, kinda lame of me I think. But really, I just got out of a marriage, I don't think I'm ready for steady commitment right now. Even though he's the only guy I want to be with right now. Bleh. Lame. I saw Jordan the other day and it was really weird because I've been spending so much time with Mr. S. I don't write much about him, maybe I'll start writing more.

Well yes, that's life for me right now. I need to get a job, bleh. I don't want to get a job. I want to do weddings for work again, but I need to update everything (name, logo, website, etc...). I decided on the name Missy Jean Photography. That way if I get married again, I don't have to worry about changing it and Missy Jean is pretty memorable. Sooo... time for a logo :P ... anyways, life is dandy. Much love to you!


up late

I accidentally formatted my memory card when I had files on it that I needed... ug... I'm running some data recovery programs on my card in hopes that I can get the files back. I worked so hard on them! I will cry if I can't get them back.
Anyways, it's taking forever. So I'm kind of killing time waiting for it to finish so I can go to bed. So here is just some random stuff about my life lately...

I love young womens. Seriously. Best calling ever. The girls are so amazing, I just love every single one of them. I want to be one of the people that's in young womens forever and never have another calling hahaha

Mr. S is pretty swell. I kinda like him a little bit. We've been hanging out lots :)

School has been nuts and taking over my life and I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so in love with my major and my classes. It makes my life insanely awesome.

I sewed a wedding dress in a week and half and it turned out so fantastic. I'm pretty proud of myself actually. First time I've ever sewn a wedding dress. Next step, mens suits. Bam baby.

Between school and Mr. S, I don't sleep much anymore. Kinda sucks. Especially when I have class at 8 am. Like tomorrow. Bleh.

My dogs are wonderful. I love them so very much. I'm so happy I have those little monsters.


Still running the program... no files yet.

Oh shoot me in the foot. It didn't find it. I'm trying one more card...

Tears. No files. Sigh....
Okay, I'm going back to work now. Oh my dear friend sleep, how we see each other so very not often.


shutter drag

Here are some shutter drag shots I took Sunday night. I'm pretty happy about how they turned out.
If you could see me, I have a big smile on my face because life is good :)


my eyes!

So last night I was on a "date/hang out thingy" with Mr. S (I don't really know what it was, I'm still awkward haha)... anyways, we were walking around the Bruin bowl and talking and we sat down on the grass in the field when we hear screaming, the "annoying teenage girl goofing off" type screaming. And so I look over and see 4 guys and 4 girls running around right by us in the field. And as I look closer........... I see a butt.
Streakers! They were running around naked, I wanted to burn my eyes out. And at the same time, I could not stop laughing! How incredibly awkward is that situation? Streakers right in the middle of a fun date/hang out thingy.
Sooo... we left.
Mr. S wanted to hide their clothes... I kinda regret saying no.
Ba ha, hilarious.