my eyes!

So last night I was on a "date/hang out thingy" with Mr. S (I don't really know what it was, I'm still awkward haha)... anyways, we were walking around the Bruin bowl and talking and we sat down on the grass in the field when we hear screaming, the "annoying teenage girl goofing off" type screaming. And so I look over and see 4 guys and 4 girls running around right by us in the field. And as I look closer........... I see a butt.
Streakers! They were running around naked, I wanted to burn my eyes out. And at the same time, I could not stop laughing! How incredibly awkward is that situation? Streakers right in the middle of a fun date/hang out thingy.
Sooo... we left.
Mr. S wanted to hide their clothes... I kinda regret saying no.
Ba ha, hilarious.

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