"Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most commonplace and ordinary subjects. The object is nothing, light is everything." 

-Leonard Misonne


basement apartment available

Hey ya'll, my renters are moving out and I'd oh so love to have someone move in by November. If you're interested, shoot me a text or email, my info is on my facebook page or leave a comment below. I also just lowered the rent fyi.

Here are the details...

2 Bedrooms
1 Bath
Washer/Dryer included
Roughly 900 sq ft of living space (storage space not included in square footage)
Storage areas
Parking spot under car port and on road
New windows/blinds within last 5 years
New kitchen flooring
New carpet in bedroom areas
Wireless internet
Utilities included
$715 a month

Let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like to check the place out. Unfortunately I only have one picture, it's of the kitchen, I'd take more but there are still people living there :)

Forgot to mention! I ask for a 6 month contract and a $200 deposit and then after that it's month to month. It's located in Orem by Costco and University Mall.


salt prints

I have been loving alternative photography processes lately. I've been spending a lot of my own time getting processes exact by using a lot of testing, experimenting and equipment. I've spent about 7 hours so far getting my salt print process perfected. It's been frustrating... but I think I finally got it and I'm incredibly excited about it! Right now it's in the wash so I can't see if it's perfect or not, but I'm crossing my fingers. I'll put up some pictures of the processes I've done so far when I have a few more under my belt :)



I really like to have plans. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always had a plan for my future. Don't get me wrong, I don't cry if the plan doesn't end up going through, but I hate the feeling of ... wandering... with no direction. And so I plan.
But despite my hate towards plan-less-ness, ever since I've gotten divorced, I have had no/zero/zip idea of what I'm doing with my life. I was planning on graduating, having babies, raising a family, yada yada yada. When that option was completely taken away from me, I was lost and I have been lost ever since. It's kind of been driving me crazy. Okay, it's really been driving me crazy.

A light broke through the clouds yesterday.
What is that light you ask?
Grad school.
I have no idea if that's the actual direction I'm going to go, it may never happen, it may be a completely impractical idea and once I'm done being ridiculous I'll move on to better things, it may a thought that's only entertaining for a few days.... but the idea of grad school will not leave my mind. It's exciting and terrifying all at the same time which makes me want to do it even more. Not to mention the fact that ever since I can remember I've wanted a masters degree. And really the only reason I'd get it is to teach... and teaching would be quite delightful.
I dunno though... we'll see. I'm like a ping pong ball right now, I'll probably have a new plan tomorrow.

For the time being, read this article. I almost fell out of my chair laughing with tears streaming down my face.



This is a fantastic article about modesty for women. If you've got a second, check it out, it's definitely worth your time.
I especially liked this part...

"...when we fixate on the inches showing we are missing the point.  When we judge girls and women for the skin they are or are not showing, we are minimizing them to their bodies and repeating the same lies that females are only bodies in need of judgment and fixing. We are even perpetuating the shame-inducing belief that female bodies are sinful and impure, and must be covered to protect boys and men who can’t be held responsible for their thoughts or actions."

This is something that always bothered me when I was younger when my youth leaders were teaching me about modesty. It was always about how if we dressed immodestly, boys would have inappropriate thoughts. I hated that. It's not my responsibility what boys/men are thinking and it made my feel like my body was a shameful thing that would induce sin if seen and should be kept hidden. That's not the case at all and I feel that aspect of discussion is completely missing the point, purpose and importance of modesty. We need to teach our tender, young girls differently and help them to really understand that they are more than just objectified bodies and that modesty is about respect and love for self.


next step

I hate limbo.

My life is in turmoil waiting for the next step to happen.... because it's not happening.
I'm a doer. When I decide I'm going to do something, I want to do it as soon as possible. None of this waiting around nonsense. This last year has been full of waiting and I still have months, if not another year of waiting...
... and waiting...
and waiting for that next step.

I'm getting antsy.

Good thing I'm so stupid busy because otherwise I'd be in trouble. Speaking of which, if you don't hear from me until December after finals (other than my blog which I update when work is slow), my apologies. I don't hate you nor am I purposefully trying to ignore you... I'm just working 2 jobs; going to school full time; trying to be a landlord, a home owner, a dog owner and a relief society president and somehow manage to get a full night of sleep.

Hmmm... that last paragraph sounds snobbish.
I'm not trying to be snobbish, pinky promise.
But seriously.

On another note,
I'm craving fries and a frosty like mad.