February 9, 2015

I don't even want to talk about how little time I have left :( Aaaaaaahhhhh..... it goes by too fast. I literally feel like I was on an airplane trying to talk to a cute, old albanian lady sitting right next to me but having no idea what she was saying like yesterday... these precious moments just fly.

We have a less active member we've been working with for a while and we've visited her maybe 4 or 5 times now. And every time she prays, she says the same thing. "Please bless Sister Tengu..... *long pause as she tries to read my name tag but can't because she's not wearing her glasses* ........ and the other sister who's name I forgot." hahahahaha it makes me laugh so hard every time! I have told her my name countless times, I guess it just isn't sticking :P

Our investigator that's had family problems has her baptism scheduled for this week! Pray for her :) We're going over with ward members in hopes to show them that hey, we're not all that bad! I really really hope and pray it will be a good experience. A heart changing experience. She needs her family back on her side. 

I was thinking a lot about pride the other day... it's an interesting sin. I was thinking about why pride is so bad. And a thought came to my mind... Pride cuts off the channel between us and the Lord. It denies Christ and the enabling power of His grace because we are relying only on ourselves, on our wisdom, on our judgement instead of God's. Humility opens that channel. It allows us to accept the Atonement into our life and to openly use it in our life because we are relying on One knows so much better than we do. 

Much love and many prayers,
Motra Russell

What I eat every week, it's the best thing ever having cheap fruit markets everywhere!
The view behind our church.
Some fantastic people I absolutely love!


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