February 2, 2015

So I've discovered that I'm allergic to kiwis.... something about how my mouth catches on fire when I eat them... but I don't even care, kiwis are so good! I'm obsessed :D

We had a combined zone conference this last week. It was basically a mission conference minus about 10 companionships haha But wow was it amazing! I love our mission president, he's incredible. We also got an awesome surprise and got to see the Meet the Mormons documentary! It was so good! I felt so proud to be a mormon :D Those were some pretty amazing people on that film. And lastly..... and worstly.... I had to give my departing testimony................... ug. I don't even want to talk about it, I still have 2 months okay! Sheesh... 

I love listening to people's prayers in lessons. I feel they are incredibly revealing as to where someone is spiritually. We were in a lesson with a member who is less active and struggles with acting. She said the opening prayer and didn't really thank God much but sure asked for a whole lot of blessings. Then, at the end of the lesson when we invited her to come to church, she said that she would come ... unless it was raining, then she wasn't coming.... it made me think.... How often do I ask God to give me everything but then am unwilling to give HIM everything? We ask for unconditional blessings but then make our obedience conditional. It made me rethink how dedicated I was to making God's will my own...

Oh! Also! Remember the girl who's family is anti church/baptism? She was in church this last week!!!! YYYYEEESSSSSS!!!! I cannot even begin to express how happy I was, point of tears happy. It was amazing! She sacrificed to come and it blessed her so much and now she's that much closer to getting baptized! It was an amazing Sunday :D

Much love!

Okay, more sunrise pictures... I swear, they just get better and better every morning!
Shots of Elbasan from on top of the castle :)

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