November 3, 2014 One Year!!!

Guess what? As of this last week, I have officially been a missionary for a year. That went by incredibly fast. I can't even handle it. I still like being a missionary, so I'll take that as a good sign :)

I'm also really enjoying being able to go on exchanges with the other sisters and get to know them better, that's been a really fun experience. 

We had the best surprise this past Tuesday! While we were studying that morning, we got a call from the mission president. Of course, our stomachs dropped and the first thought was, emergency transfer?! did someone die?! along with a bit of panic... but, thank goodness, no emergency transfers and no one died haha He wanted us to take one of the members who had gotten set apart as a sister missionary that morning to the airport. I then found out it was one of the sisters I had worked with a ton in 2nd ward and was SO excited! It was such a tender mercy! Being able to take her to the airport and say goodbye was such a blessing. I love her so much. She's going to be an excellent missionary.
Oh, I also had to drive. And I thought I was going to die. But... I didn't! Hurray! haha Happy year mark to me, driving AND not dying :)

We were given a number this last week for a sister who had gotten baptized in Australia and had moved back to Albania and couldn't find the church. We called her and helped her to find the church and all the info she needed. It was such a special moment. Turns out she had been home in Albania for about 3 months and had been given a wrong address that had led her to a church of another faith. She was so confused and knew that it wasn't her church because the service was so different than what she was used to. But she didn't give up and kept searching... 3 months later, we were able to help her find it. I wish I could share the look on her face as she stepped into the chapel. It was like someone who was coming home after a long time away. She was so happy. Beyond words happy. 
When she came to church this last week, I got to sit by her and she just cried. She was so happy to be back. Her faith was so strong and it was so beautiful. It also reminded me of the scripture in D&C 52:14 when the Lord says, "I will give unto you a pattern in all things, that ye may not be deceived..." I thought about how she knew the other church was not her church because it was not the same... and then I thought, as she sat next to me taking the sacrament and so strongly feeling the spirit of the Lord, how all of this must be so familiar to her. I thought about how the Lord works in patterns so that we can always recognize His hand and so that we can "not be deceived". I thought about the pattern of prophets since the beginning of the world and how we have a living prophet today and the pattern of how God always blesses us when we prove faithful to Him. These patterns are such a blessing to us to help us and to guide us. God has given us so many tools to help us find truth and find our way back to Him because He loves us. He is our Father and we are His children. 

Shumë love!

"It is significant that of all the titles of respect and honor and admiration that are given to Deity, He has asked us to address Him as Father."

I got a birthday package from my family!! It was so sweet of them! except they made one mistake, that number 6 candle was actually supposed to be another 2.... eeessshhh, mother forgetting her daughter's age, aaawwwkkkwwarrrddd..... ;)
A couple pictures of painted buildings in Tirana. Some birds. Caged birds are everywhere here... it's a superstition thing, they're supposed to keep off bad spirits or something, don't quite remember :P


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