November 17, 2014

This last week was just excellent and also pretty insane. We had mission conference and Elder Dykes was there which was so, so great. I'm excited about his trainings that he gave and implementing them into our missionary work. 
The mission conference was also in my home sweet home of DurrĂ«s! So that was pretty awesome. Driving through, it honestly felt like I hadn't been gone a day. It was a pretty weird feeling actually. It definitely has not changed a bit. Because it was mission conference, all the missionaries in the mission were there. Which meant that the missionaries outside of Albania needed a place to stay for the conference... which also meant that we got to have a little sister party in our apartment with the Kosovo and Macedonia sisters staying with us in Tirana! ....Which also meant that I got to spend a good day and a half with the one and only Sister Zollinger :D Happiness right there, I love that sister so much. So yes, it was really wonderful! And the conference was just so fulfilling. .... having to schedule lessons for multiple companionships, exchanges between 3 different wards, pick ups and drops off at 4am (which actually was at 6ambut the assistants told us wrong... we didn't get any sleep that night haha), and food and bed arrangements for a house of 6 ... was the part that was pretty insane... but I like being on my toes, so it's totally okay :) haha

Oh, a funny side note story... we were supposed to be at the mission conference a half hour early at 9:30am. We left on time, but got stuck in traffic and also had to fill up the car that wasn't ours and no one had told us it was empty... so we're about a minute late and one of the assistants calls us and asks us where we are, we say we're about a minute away from the church. And he says, "okay.. because, no pressure, but literally the whole mission is waiting for you right now..." We pull up to see, literally, the entire mission standing outside the church ready to take a group photo with all eyes on us as we pull into the parking lot... not to mention the mission president and a 70 and their wives... talk about walk of shame! Lesson, don't be late... ever... even if it's only 2 minutes hahahahaha
The best part, no one was upset and we didn't get a talking to or anything like that because the moment we pulled into the parking lot, everyone saw that Sister Boettinger was driving ... the overall reaction... ooooohhhhhhh... that's why they're late! ... She has gotten a reputation for being a very slow driver :P 

I really love one of the scriptures that President Monson shared in this last conference from Proverbs 4:26 "Ponder the path of thy feet...."
I think it is such a beautiful scripture. It also made me think of a quote from Elder Holland where he says, "An old proverb says that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, so watch your step."
I think it's so important that we really are pondering and counseling with the Lord in the choices that we make in our lives. It can make such a difference later on down the road.
So that's the challenge for the week, ponder the path of thy feet :) Where are your choices going to take you in life? And is it where you want to go? And most importantly, is it where the Lord wants you to go?

Have a wonderful week!

Some pictures of Tirana and me playing a game because I hardly ever take any pictures of me... so yup :)


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