November 24, 2014

Another week gone by. Times moves too fast on a mission.

We did an object lesson of finding strength when we're filled with the Spirit of God by using an empty water bottle versus a full water bottle. We told the 7 year old to crush the empty water bottle. First off, I've used this analogy before, the lid is on tight, so it's tough to crush it but totally possible. Most adults will just squeeze it and say, yup, it's possible and then just stop there. But this 7 year old, he was one zealous little kid! He took that water bottle .... and he destroyed it. As in, it was completely pancake flat ... from the vertical direction hahaha I was, needless to say, quite impressed. And then I gave him the water filled water bottle hoping that he would realize it wasn't possible. Welp, that didn't stop him! hahahaha it ended up exploding all over him and me.... oops haha

We had a crazy thunder and lightening storm this past week, it was nuts! Flooded the streets and lit up the sky like nobodies business! We were planning while it was going on, we kneeled down to pray, I was praying, and I took a deep breath to concentrate and was about to start when a GIANT crack of thunder exploded in our ears and I literally screamed out loud it scared me so bad! I looked over to see my companion curled up in a ball under the desk because she was so scared, soooo funny hahaha

This past week I threw my back out really bad. Everything was painful haha I don't even know how I did it. I sat down to study my scriptures and could feel it start in my back and thought... oh no... I know what's happening... I immediately put ice on it and took some ibuprofen to prevent more damage from swelling, it didn't do much though, it had past the point of no return. From that point on, moving... didn't really happen haha ... Sister B had to do my hair for me because I couldn't lift my arms over my head. She also had to carry my stuff for me because I couldn't carry a bag. I was just a mess. I couldn't sleep that night either because every time I moved, it would wake me up. Bad news bears. So the next morning I got a priesthood blessing from the elders in my district. I know my back, it's gone out often and when it's this bad, it takes a long time to heal. So I knew I was looking at limited movement and pain for a while... which is not convenient for missionary work. But almost immediately after my blessing, my back healed to the point that it didn't hinder my work in the least bit. I mean, it's not 100% at all... but it healed faster than I have ever before even come close to experiencing. It went from sharp pains with no movement to an ache with barely limited movement, I could do my hair again, I could street contact and not want to die hahaha ... in all seriousness, it was an incredible testimony builder of the power of the priesthood and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be blessed by God's power and authority on the earth today. It know it is on the earth again to bless the lives of God's children.

Much love,
Motra Russell

poor sister B terrified of the storm and hiding under the desk hahahaha

a self portrait in the window

Some cool clouds

a crazy soccer game being watched that we walked by

and a beautiful view from a recent converts apartment before a crazy storm hit.

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