September 8, 2014

So yesterday. We were running late because of a lesson that went over (oh boy, one of my biggest weakness as a missionary... controlling chatterboxes ...) so we were literally running down the road to get to our next lesson (I fear this happens too often with me...hmmm). Right before we step inside their building, it starts pouring rain. We're not out too long, so it really wasn't that big of a deal. Once we're inside, their apartment is reeeaaallly warm and since we had been running, I am sweating up a storm... but I didn't realize how bad until their mom looks at me and says, "oh no! You're so wet from the rain! Let me get you a towel to dry off." ............... it wasn't from the rain..... ah the shame haha

This last week was so wonderful! And on top of it, it was also my birthday :) I turned 22!! Can you believe it? I know you can't... so just believe me.... I'm 22. Tweeeeennntttttyyyy ttttwwwwoooooo......................... okay. I'm 26. Don't talk to me about it. All the 19 year olds over here like to remind me that I started college when they were 12 haha

For my birthday, first off, can I just say that I have an amazing companion? She got ready that morning super fast so that she could make me a birthday cake. Are you kidding me? She's amazing. We later had district meeting. That was good and cool and stuff :) After we went to a hotel restaurant that was wow, amazing. Wow! I about died it was so good. And so fancy. I felt a little out of place :P We then taught some awesome lessons which was really wonderful of course. Later that night we had been invited to a members house for dinner and a lesson .... we get to her house and open the door and there's a little surprise party for me! 4 of some of my favorite people were there singing me happy birthday :) One of our recent convert's mom also made me a bunch of my favorite food, too. It was soooo sweet! I felt incredible loved and so grateful. They really were so thoughtful to do that for me, I couldn't even believe it. I am serving in a wonderful mission with some wonderful people :)

This last week has been full of so many blessings. I am so grateful to be here. I have learned so many incredibly valuable lessons that are going to affect my life forever. 
I've been thinking a lot lately about how much God's hand is in our lives... I've been seeing it so much in missionary work as well as in my personal life. I feel so often there are little things that the Spirit prompts us to do (that we may or may not understand) and when all is said and done ... we look back on these events and realize that they tied so much into the bigger picture along with a million other little things that all fit together perfectly to make a beautiful experience and a beautiful life. I'm learning more than ever to trust the Lord. Trust that He knows what's best for us, that His hand is in our life and that He truly is watching out for us. We have no need to question promptings, to question His will... we can trust that they will always be for our benefit and for our good. What a blessing it is to know that. So here's my challenge. Don't be afraid to follow a prompting, however confusing it might be... I've been amazed to find what beautiful things happen, even when following promptings that may seem difficult or a sacrifice. 
Trust in God. Trust that He loves you. Trust that He wants what's best for you.

Me të gjithë dashurinë time,
Motra Rasëll

Some pictures of some cool stuff. One of the members put chocolate frosting on my face and a banana on my head... dunno why... but it made me laugh haha Also a group picture, the frosting bandit is not in the photo, she "doesn't like pictures" ... how are we friends? I dunno.. but I still love her :) haha

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