October 6, 2014

Oh wow! Conference! .... okay, just kidding haha, I actually have no idea what happened at conference. We've had so many problems with the internet and live streaming that the stake just decided to wait until next week so it could be downloaded and we would have no internet issues. So, I'm sorry that I have no conference inspiration for my email! Next week :)

First ward, from what I know so far, is great! It's definitely different on this end of Tirana and I miss 2nd ward a TON. But that's okay, I'll learn to love these people very quickly, I'm sure. 

My new companion is awesome! We were actually in the MTC together. Her name is Sister Boettinger (Bet-ing-ger), she's from Canada, 5'1'', vegetarian, and stinkin' adorable! I love her so much already! It's going to be very fun serving together.

We had a baptism this last week with an excellent woman that the ward found in the cancer unit at the nearby hospital. We've been teaching her at the hospital and it's been a really wonderful experience. I'm grateful to have had it with her.

This last week was really just a whole bunch of craziness, wonderful, busy, awesome craziness! I'm so excited about my new companion, my new district and this new area. It's going to be a wonderful experience! 

Don't forget that the Lord loves you. Trust Him, follow His guidance and you will always be led down safe roads.

Me shumë dashuri,
Motra Rasëll

Some awesome people that I adore :) 

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