October 13, 2014

Just in case you didn't know (don't worry, I didn't either...) it's Canadian Thanksgiving! ... I have a Canadian companion just in case you were wondering... And we decided to invite the zone over to have waffles and celebrate with us :) It was a lot of fun... and amazingly, we had enough waffles, dunno how that happened. By the way, did I mention how stinkin' cute my new little companion is? Because she is. But don't let the giant smile and little body fool you... this little sister can tackle you hard, because she played rugby for forever. Yup, surprised me, too haha

So, miracle. We found a family!! Mom and 2 amazing kids! And the kids want to get baptized! Working on the mom... but wow, they are just... wow. So loving. So happy. So wonderful. So, just, wow. I can't get over how much I love these kids! Good things are happening here in 1st ward :)

Sister B and I got to give a cool training in MLC this past week. That was a great experience. Even better was studying it out ourselves and having the spirit teach us more than we knew before. The spirit is a pretty powerful thing. I think having access to it whenever I want is the most incredible blessing :)

Super cool!! We got assigned over the sisters in Kosovo! Meaning that Sister B and I will be taking an adventure up to Kosovo! Woo! We'll be driving up there. By ourselves. To a foreign country we've never been to before. By following road signs. ........ I'm probably going to die. But whatever, it'll be fun! Woo! hahaha

I've learned so much about the importance of prayers on my mission. It's amazing really. I had no idea the level of importance prayers had and the power and revelation they have the ability to unlock. There's a sentence in Preach My Gospel that says "effective prayer requires great effort". I did not understand that until my mission. It is so true. But it is so worth it. It reminds me of Enos when he "wrestles" with the Lord in prayer. Prayer takes focus, energy, commitment, a whole ton of patience.... but it's so worth it. When we give our whole heart and our whole mind to prayer, to really try to align our will with the Lord's, to change, to search out the spirit... it is so spiritually fulfilling and so worth it. If your prayers are going through the motions... try to change it, it will bless you.


The cancer patients that we love so much and visit often :) The majority of our zone that came to our little party. Sister B and some other pictures that I don't remember haha


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