August 18, 2014

This last week was excellent as always :) 

We had an awesome lesson with a new investigator, sweetest old guy ever. He prayed for the first time in our lesson and after said that he felt so emotional. It was so beautiful. These moments make me so happy. I will treasure them forever. After when we were talking about church, we told him that in church we dress our best to show respect to God and he immediately buttoned up his shirt to the top button so that he could look his best right then. I don't know why, but it touched me so much and I had so much love for him! I can't even begin to say. I wanted to cry I loved him so much! It just really touched me.... then we found out he lives in 4th ward and we have to pass him off to the other missionaries and I cried in side :/ But that's okay! He's going to be taught and that's all that matters! 

So ya know how people joke about the lame excuse of "I can't do it, I'm washing my hair"? Ya know, the joke that isn't really that funny haha .... we were tracting and a guy answered with suds all over his hands and hair and said, "you're going to wait for a minute, I'm washing my hair"....and then shut the door.... he he he, hahaha I laughed pretty hard :) But hey! He came back and we had a pretty good discussion! He's a cool guy, hopefully it goes somewhere.

This last Sunday was really just amazing. Our Mission President came to speak in our ward. When he started talking, he talked about how he was an Area Seventy for Europe and had come to Albania about 5 years ago. He said that when he was speaking in the district conference, he felt impressed to tell the congregation that if they were faithful, they would have a stake in 5 years. Well, we just got a stake, so that's pretty amazing :) He then started talking about how he and his assistants and wife went down to Serandë (pretty sure that's spelled right) to pray about if it should be the next opened area to missionaries (which is every missionary's dream hahaha). While they were there, they found a hill so that they could overlook the city. He said while they prayed, he could see a temple in Serandë. He then promised us that we not only will one day have a temple in Tirana, but also in Serandë. TWO TEMPLES! Are you kidding me?! I was dying by this point. The Spirit was BURSTING! I could hardly handle it! Then he told us that we have three things we have to do. In a summary, he told us that if we invite people to sacrament meeting, keep the sabbath day holy, and pay our tithing... we would have a temple very soon. 
I can't even handle it! This is the best news ever! The closest temple is in Germany. We're excited about Rome, but it's still far. Members always ask us, do you think we'll have a temple? Do you think it'll ever happen? These members want it SO bad. And I'm not gonna lie, I always feel somewhat guilty that I live in a temple dotted state. It's an incredible blessing that I am so grateful for. But now, now I can tell them with every fiber of my heart that yes, YES!! There WILL be a temple! There's gonna be two! And this is what you have to do! I am on FIRE about this! I witnessed a powerful prophecy and the Spirit bore witness of it's truthfulness. I have never felt so urgent about the work. I want these members to have a temple so bad. I have never felt more peace or more happiness than I have in the temple. 
I'm also so grateful that we have access to the Spirit so that we can know truth. Yes, this promise about two temples was amazing and cool.... but it was the Spirit confirming that it was true that made it powerful to me. We can know truth for ourselves! And it's amazing! We don't have to take anyone's word for it, we can know for ourselves and I am so grateful for that.

Ju dua shumë, pa masë!
Motra Rasëll

I was lame at pictures this week, sorry :/ Just a shot of my comp and me!

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