August 11, 2014

Email!! .... is gonna be short today haha
We went to Shkodër this morning, an event that was supposed to be short and sweet... buuuuuuut, a two hour drive turned into a 3.5 hour drive due to unusually large amount of traffic... in the middle of nowhere on a Monday (???) I dunno... it was a pretty sweet trip though! I now can say that I've been to Shkodër :)

Can I just really quick say that sometimes I am so grateful for the language barrier? Most times I'm not... but sometimes, it's a pretty awesome barrier. People say rude things, crude things, totally mean things.... eh... I don't really know what they're saying half the time, whateve's... but man, the other day someone who spoke english as a 1st language said the rudest thing to us and man, it hurt! I was a little hard to shake off! So yes... different culture, different language... makes it a whole lot easier to cope with rejection! haha 

This last week was amazing and full of tender mercies and miracles! We felt impressed to work with finding less active members that haven't been in contact with the church is years and wow! Things just fell into place! We found so many people! And are going to start teaching so many more people! It's amazing really. The Lord's hand is in this work like we do not even understand. It's been the most incredible thing. I WISH I had time to write about all the little miracles that have happened, but I don't :/ All I can say is that I understand so much more now how much God is aware of us and how much He loves us individually, more than we can even comprehend. He knows us. We are His children and He willnever forget us. 

I love you all! 
Motra Russell

Some shots in Shkodër, exchanges! woot! These sisters rock my world! And a cool creepy door, had to do it :)

Ladies weaving authentic albanian rugs in a little cement house tucked up in a hill behind some trees.... I have a sweet mission :)


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