Aug 4, 2014

Guess what?!
We are turning into ROCKSTARS at street contacting :D Next step, getting real numbers instead of fake ones ;) hahahaha 
Okay, the fake number thing doesn't happen too often, it's always just pretty funny when it does.
Work has been very slow. People are still out and about vacationing and stuff. Even shops are closing down here in Tirana with little signs that say they will open again in the end of August. It's been a good experience though, we work through the long days and it's incredibly rewarding.

Something that I absolutely love about the culture out here is that at night once it cools down, everyone is outside. It's awesome! There are so many people to talk to, there's so much life! It's made me really love the summers here. The importance of family and spending time together here is strong and it is wonderful. 

Something that I've been thinking about lately is exercise and health. 
There are definitely some people that don't know how to take care of their bodies because they haven't been educated. But really, I feel that most people have enough knowledge to be able to take care of their bodies. Most people know they need to exercise and eat healthy (fruits, vegetables, etc... ) to take care of their body. I would dare say that we all know that when we're regularly exercising, eating healthy everyday, etc... we generally feel better. We look better, we feel better, we sleep better... really, everything is better. It affects all aspects of our lives in a positive way. It's hard, it takes self control and energy and effort, but it's worth it. And yet, so many people don't exercise regularly and don't eat healthy. 
Why is that? When we know how much better it is to do those things than to not? 
Is it because of short shortsightedness? Thinking that we're fine now and not thinking about the future? Is it because we're okay with where we're at that we're willing to sacrifice what's better in order to not have to put forth the work or effort? Is it because of laziness?
Whatever the reason, usually down the road ... after years of poor health choices.... it catches up. Health problems start to arise. Doctor appointments build up. Small issues start to turn into big issues and if our habits are not corrected, it can lead to permanent damage, a less fulfilling life, sometimes even death. 
But we never really think about those things. We never think that those things could happen to us. They're sooooo far down the road, we'll make better choices before it gets to that point... or it'll never happen to us, we're fine... or we flat out just don't care.
I've been thinking about how much this parallels to our spiritual lives. We know how to keep the commandments, we know what to do to get closer to God and be more spiritually healthy... and yet so often, we don't do it. We think we're fine, we don't want to do the work to get what's better... we'll choose better habits tomorrow....
And just like what happens to our physical bodies, only bad things happen when we do this to our spirits...

All I can say is yes, being spiritually healthy is a lot of work. It can be really hard to get on that road and do the things we need to do and repent of our bad choices. But it's so worth it. It affects all aspects of our lives in a positive way. And it is so so worth it. Make the choice now. Do what you need to do turn back to God. You will never regret it.

Me dashurinë time,
Motra Rasëll 

Sister Zollinger! A picture of the Wilson statue in Tirana (kind of, not the best picture :P ) 
And the best picture.... evidence that my companion is CLEARLY better than me in bowling. By a 100 points better hahahaha she stomped everyone! I've never been so proud hahaha


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