June 23, 2014

So let me tell ya'll that haven't served a mission.... transfer calls are nuts. The day of is nuts. Want your brain to work and be focused? Guess what, it's not going to haha Especially when you have 3 month transfers! They're a big deal! Man oh man.... so anyways, we had transfer madness yesterday and..... wait for it.............................. I'M STAYING!! WOOO!!! I cannot tell you how excited I get to stay in the Tirana 2nd ward and keep meeting with our amazing recent converts and investigators. Such a blessing. Guess what else? I'm training!!! Obobo..... I.... am training hahaha .... I don't know if the mission president got the memo, but I definitely don't speak Albanian yet and the cute newbie sister coming in DEFINITELY doesn't speak Albanian... soooo.... I hope the Spirit is on guard and ready to take on a crazy heavy load, heavier than normal, otherwise this is going to be an interesting transfer! haha ... in all seriousness, I really am excited. I just pray that I'll be able to make this as good of an experience for her as I know it's going to be for me. Oh! And Sister White is going to Kosovo. Where we won't be able to call each other :( booo.... I could serve the rest of my mission with her and be happy. I love her so much. It'll be sad to say goodbye to this last amazing transfer. Excited to start a new crazy one.

We had mission conference this last week. It was a pretty emotional meeting because our mission president goes home next week. I'm definitely going to miss them... I'm excited to meet the new President though :) I'm also glad that our mission is small (only about 75 missionaries total) because I had to give an on the spot role play, bleh, awkward haha ... But the conference really was so wonderful. It'll be interesting having two different mission presidents each covering a half of my mission.

We also had two baptisms this last week! The two wonderful girls that we've been teaching. Words cannot describe how much I love them. The baptism was beautiful and they were so so happy. Wow I feel so blessed to be here. How amazing that I could have such an incredible relationship with such incredible people in the most unusual place that in any other circumstance, would never have come to. The Lord definitely has a hand in our lives.

Okay, I forgot my planner and my life doesn't exist without it... sooooo.... I don't remember anything else. But it was a good week! Yay! haha

As far as a thought this week.... I really like the scripture in Isaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways..."
I take a lot of faith in the fact that Heavenly Father always knows what's best for us. There are many times we may not understand why He asks us to do a certain thing or why we go through certain trials... but that's okay. We don't have to understand. Our thoughts are not His thoughts. But we can take trust that His entire work and glory is for us to live with Him again, happy and blessed. So no matter what happens to us, if we keep trust and faith in Him, everything will work out as it should and we will be happy. It may be difficult and confusing, but that's okay, "the only way to salvation is through Gethsemane" (Elder Holland) ... Trials help us to grow, trials of faith help our faith to expand to new levels, and "all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good."

I love you all,
Motra Missy

One of my favorite little girls in the entire world!! She completely has my heart, she's adorable. Sorry future husband, I don't think anything can match how much I adore her ;)
The funniest old lady you will every meet. Sis. White and I die laughing every time we came over. Most recently when we came over, she told us something we didn't understand and then her daughter said, "Mom! You should be ashamed! They're too young to hear stuff like that!" .... all I know is it had to do with marriage and I'm glad I didn't understand hahaha
The baptism!!
Yes, I was THAT sister missionary and took pictures of some flowers. In my defense, I have never seen flowers like this before! They're so pretty!!

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