April 28, 2014

This last week. Wow. So rad. (Apparently people don't use that word, am I uncool?)
Also, every time (and by every time I actually mean about 5 times) people read my name tag they say "Russell... oh! Russell Crow!" ..... I guess??

First off, we had two baptisms of the most amazing sisters in the world!! It was so beautiful and I was so overwhelmed with joy. I am thrilled for them. They were truly prepared for this. 
But wow was I dying of laughter! The oldest sister walks into the font to get baptized first.... The bishopric member has her grab his wrist, the usual routine. She takes a deep breath, says a preparatory okay and "one, two, thr...." 
"NO NO NO NO!!!" 
She was totally ready to dunk herself :)

Oh man, we got served the worst thing I've ever been served at a lesson before. It was, I kid you not, the most sugary thing I have ever in my life encountered. It was basically a dried angel hair pasta type thing soaked in sugar then soaked in syrup then dipped in sugar then drowned in syrup for good measure then frosted on top then chocolate chips and then a cherry on top, you can't forget the cherry. I literally thought I was going to die right then and there. I've never not finished something served to me! I was determined to finish! I was almost done and decided to just bite the bullet and take a huuuge bite to get it over with and I put that huuuugggee bite in my mouth and my body screamed, "I HATE YOU!!" and wouldn't let me swallow it! So I bent over and pretended to scratch my head to hide that I was trying so hard not to laugh and throw up at the same time. I FINALLY got that sick wad of sugary mess down my throat and instantly lost 5 years off my life. I am ashamed to say that no, I did not finish it, I had 2 bites left :( I literally could not do it. I put it in a nice little pile on my plate instead to make it look like I had eaten more than I actually did... yes, like 6 year olds do.

Sis. White and I both accidentally yelled out "NARWHAL!" after seeing a picture of one pop up on a tv screen on the bus. We definitely got a LOT of looks. 
That same tv also played a world report of two cats playing laser tag... is that what's really happening in the world right now?? Because uh... haha

Oh man, favorite story of the week.
We go over to some investigators house who are rockstars and we adore. Two sisters. It's the older sisters birthday. It's a pretty common tradition in Albania to buy other people gifts and treats for your birthday. So Dori, a fabulous and wonderful member who we have all gotten so close to calls to say she's coming over for our lesson... They immediately start panicking, they have to get her something! The older sister tells her younger sister some quick instructions to go to a local shop and get some earrings... problem, it's Sunday. So we immediately tell them no no no! It's Sunday! You can't do that on Sunday! 
They give us a confused look.
We give them a confused look right back, we definitely taught them Sabbath day.
They say, oh!! okay, we'll just buy it and give them the money tomorrow!
No! It doesn't work that way! hahaha
(I'm laughing soooo hard by this point...)
They think that we just aren't understanding the language, we tell them we definitely are. They say, but we aren't working! 
It doesn't matter, THEY are having to work when you buy things on Sunday!
But it's my birthday!!
It's still Sunday!
But Dori will love it!
Dori will be sooooo much happier if you keep the Sabbath day holy than if you bought her a gift, we promise!!
Literally right as we were saying that, Dori walks in with a box in her hand...................
I bought you a cake!!! 
*face in palm* Are you kidding me? hahahahahahaha it was too ironic, the timing was too perfect, we died laughing hahahahaha Apparently she bought it because it was her birthday, didn't help our argument at all :P

Okay, now for my thought for the day after this crazy long email...
I love the story in 2 Kings 5:10-14... Naaman was asked by Elisha's servant, not even Elisha in person, to wash in a dirty river to be clean. It wasn't a grand healing, it wasn't anything amazing, it was a boring river with nothing grand. Naaman was ticked and left not doing it. My favorite part is in verse 13...

"My father, if the prophet had bid thee do some agreat thing, wouldest thou not have done it? how much rather then, when he saith to thee, Wash, and be clean?"

He then washes in the river and is healed. 
The gospel is so much like this. Sometimes reading the scriptures every day and saying prayers can seem so simple and so mundane. Sometimes answers to prayers aren't amazing. But that doesn't mean any of it isn't adequate. That doesn't mean it isn't exactly what we need to heal.

"O my son, do not let us be slothful because of the easiness of the way;..."
Alma 37:44-47

Living the gospel is exactly what we need to be healed from the trials and burdens of life. "Life is hard, not the gospel."
I promise that the Atonement is enough for us. Living how Christ taught us to live is enough for us. And it's exactly what we need to be so happy :) So do it and be happy!

Motra Missy
some pretty views ...
our new pet cactus named B√ędi! (buddy haha)


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