April 21, 2014

This week was another wonderful one. 
I feel like I can say with full confidence that choosing to serve a mission was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I am so happy. I am growing so much. I am so blessed. If you're deciding whether or not to go, just go. It's been amazing. 

I feel like walking around Tirana is similar to playing minesweeper. There is a road where the sidewalks are cement tiles. A lot of the tiles have had the dirt underneath them eroded and muddy water will pool under them... so when you step on them, it splashes up your skirt like you stepped on a bomb. Blast it, it's the worst hahaha

Lion bars from Nestle. The best. It's like a combination of a KitKat and 100 Grand, my two favorite candy bars in one. Oh the heaven in my mouth!

Two of our investigators (who are getting baptized this week!! WOOO!!!) taught us how to make byrek last week! It was so fun! And surprisingly easy. I'm so excited to make it when I get home, ya'll gonna love it ;)

The other week I was on my knees sweeping a rug with a broken broom and I thought, I'm in Albania sweeping a rug with a broken broom on my knees... when did my life get so awesome? hahaha

Whenever we meet with people they'll always ask us the same questions... where are you from? how long have you been here? Do you like Albania? ... we'll always say yes, I love Albania. And they usually always respond with a pause and then ........... why? ..... I don't get it, it makes me laugh. And is mostly really awkward.... but funny? I dunno haha

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We sure did over here. We had an activity and they handed out food with easter eggs. Of course I ate them, duh. I love eggs. But I guess we're not supposed to eat them, we're supposed to keep them for a year (gross haha) ... I decided to still eat them, but everyone thought I was weird... why would I eat the egg? I say, why would you NOT eat the egg... :P
Speaking of Easter, Sis. White was praying and definitely said... "We thank thee for the opportunity to celebrate Fish... Ah shoot..... " I was rolling laughing, it was hilarious hahaha Mainly the "ah shoot" response after a good pause hahaha

I read a wonderful talk by Neal A. Maxwell recently called Meekly Drenched in Destiny. It talked about the importance of having meekness. I would definitely recommend it. There was one quote that I particularly liked...

"Yes, there are real costs associated with meekness. A significant down payment must be made. But it can come from our sufficient supply of pride. We must also be willing to endure the subsequent erosion of unbecoming ego. Furthermore, our hearts will be broken in order that they might be rebuilt. As Ezekiel said, one's task is to "make you a new heart and a new spirit" (Ezekiel 18:31). There is no way that such dismantling, such erosion, such rebuilding can occur without real cost in pain, pride, adjustments, and even some dismay. Yet since we cannot be "acceptable before God save [we are] meek and lowly in heart" (Moroni 7:44), the reality of that awesome requirement must be heeded. Better to save one's soul than to save one's face."

I especially liked the quote... "Our hearts will be broken in order that they might be rebuilt." I found that so poetic and so beautiful. I know that to be true in my life. There are many hard times but they are always turned into experiences of improvement if I rely on the Lord and I always look back on those experiences as blessings.
Rely on the Lord, let Him rebuild you.

Motra Russell

Making byrek :) They even gave us hats to wear haha


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