March 17, 2014

It's Spring, woohoo!!

One day Sister Heathcote and I were walking down a back alley to a lesson. There were some adorable kids playing soccer. They kicked the ball a little too hard and it came flying our way. Of course, my companion and her good heart ran to the ball to kick it back to them. I thought to myself, "awwww.... this is an adorable, cliche missionary moment that will be cherished forever... the missionary playing soccer with the foreign children in the dirt road... just precious." .... the moment I was thinking this, Sister Heathcote kicked the ball and it hit a little girl square in the face.
Moment ruined.
She looked at us like we were monsters. 
Sister Heathcote is no longer allowed to kick soccer balls.

Tracting is fun here (did I spell that right?). We get food a lot of the time. All rules of not talking to strangers or taking candy from them is out the window. The other day we tracted into an old lady who I still can't decide if was just awesome or not all there... anyways, she opened the door and started dancing she was so excited to see us. She then shot her arms straight up in the air and grabbed our faces and kissed our cheeks like I've never been kissed on the cheek before. She wished us happiness, beautiful husbands, lots of money and a long life. She offered us a place to sleep and clothes if we wanted them and food. She then went and grabbed a tin of cookies and offered us some, I took one and she yelled at me, No! Not one! .. uuuhhhh haha.... So she grabbed a handful and gave them to me haha She then kissed us again, wished us bright dreams and told us not to be out so late haha I have never felt so loved tracting before! It was the best thing ever!

I love this quote by C.S. Lewis... "I believe in Christ as I believe in the rising sun-not because I can see it, but because by it I can see everything else."
That's so beautiful to me. 
I know we are made free through Christ. All He asked of us is to keep His commandments. What a small price to pay compared to what he has paid for us. 
"The principle is this: If you're confused about a matter, be true to that which you know is right, and in the Lord's time and according to His purposes you will be given enlightenment and understanding regarding the matter you were confused about." -Stephen R. Covey
I know that to be true. Like John 7:17 says, we must first live the doctrine to know if it's true. 

I just realized that these are connected but are all different thoughts :P I'm sure you can make sense of it :)
Love you all!
Motra Missy

Sorry, no pics, the comp won't recognize my memory card reader.

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