March 10, 2014

We are now a Stake!

Did you read that?! There is now a Stake in Albania! What an amazing blessing! There was a conference in Tirana that all the missionaries and members went to and we got to listen to two General Authorities, Elder Kearon and Elder Charles. It really was just a special experience to be able to witness and be a part of. There are a lot of very special here in Albania. I'm so grateful to be able to be a small part of their lives here.

Still living with the other district sisters. It's basically the best thing ever. I love every day I get to live with them.
The other day we went to a less active members to teach them a lesson. They are so sweet and it was so fun to meet with them. But oh man, I thought I was going to die! She brought us out a plate of cake... not just a piece of cake, but 6 pieces of cake. SIX pieces of cake. SIX! I was still full from lunch and 6 pieces of cake? Heavy, thick cake... I thought I might burst. But I put on my missionary smile and dug in. You better believe that I finished it! (which is exactly why I'm going to come home with a few extra pounds than when I left haha) I thought I was free until she went back into the kitchen and I heard the word "apples" .... oh no, I don't like apples at all.... Please don't bring out apples... yup, she brought out apples. Cut apples. A plate of about 4 cut apples overflowing with all it's nasty apple goodness. I cried a little. But after I unbuckled my belt, I dove in again! I almost finished it and was slowing down big time and put down my plate when the nëna gave me that look and said, "eat." Oh man, tears, there were almost tears haha.... but hey! I only left 4 small slices! I walked away basically feeling like a champion.
Okay okay okay! Ah! I just read my sisters email... what the what?! All of my siblings have baptisms on March 29th!! What the amazing!? Okay, here's my story...
This amazing girl came to english course (speaking of, I love teaching english here). She came up to the elders after class and said that she wanted to be taught, uh, perfect? So they pulled us aside and we got her number. First lesson she accepted baptism and has a date for March 29th. End of transfers, best end of transfers ever! She is so ready for the gospel. So ready to have the blessings of baptism in her life. I am so excited it's insane. And how cool that my brother and sister have baptisms the same day!! Wow!
As far as my thought.... I was reading 2 Nephi today and came across 10:16 and read "they who are not for me are against me...". I thought it was so interesting. It really impacted me. We have been blessed with agency in this life and the ability to act. We can choose our life. We can choose who we become and what we do with our little time here. And if we are not actively using that agency to choose things that are FOR the Lord, we are against Him. And that includes fence sitters. When we do not act, when we choose to not do anything... that isn't for the Lord, so the only other option is against Him. We so often think of sins of commission, but how often are we thinking about sins of omission? The things we're not doing that we should be... like serving, loving, forgiving... Are we using our agency to be for the Lord? Or are we using our agency to do nothing at all?
Use your agency to be for the Lord. It's a better choice and a better road.
Much love,
Motra Missy
Motra Singer straightened my comps hair, she looked so fabulous!
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