March 24, 2014

the mission email you've been looking forward to all week ;)

Just kidding, I know half you leave this email unopened in your inbox haha
So we went tracting (I still haven't figured out if that's spelled right, don't judge me). And found this lady who was interested and told us to come back later, so we did of course :) She had a family member over while we were there and they were both so interested in what we had to say! I can say right now, I've never been so pumped about a lesson as I was with them! In the middle of the lesson, we're bearing testimony and they stop us, look at each other and say... wow, they have the spirit of God when they speak! ... are you kidding me?! Perfect. It was perfect. And when we prayed, they said they had learned it like the way we pray before but the difference was that we had the spirit. I about died of happiness right there. Let's just say that Sis. Heathcote and I were very... very excited :) We got into the elevator. Waited until it had gone down a floor. Then proceeded to squeal and dance from how excited we were about that amazing lesson. Then, without us realizing, the elevator stopped and opened for a man on another floor. We froze with our arms in the air, looked at him, he looked at us ..... awkward silence..... after a second of deciding whether or not he wanted to join the crazies in the elevator, he stepped in. We pretended like nothing had happened and were silent the rest of the floors down..... he he... so funny :)
Crazy though, the family member that was there.... she's moving to my sisters mission. Small world ;)
Transfers are this week. I'll let you know where I'm going this coming Monday. Who knows where I'm gonna go!
I want to share a quote I read from a talk this morning that I loved from Neal A. Maxwell. 
"...it is also true (in someway we don't understand) that the cavity which suffering carves into our souls will one day also be the receptacle of joy." 
I thought that was profound and beautiful.
I know that there is no pain, no sorrow, that can't be justified and made right through the Atonement. Whether it be in this life or the next, all things will be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I tell that to myself everyday. And I know that if you trust in the Lord and rely on Him, you can have joy that is as equally strong as the sorrow that you've felt. 
Don't walk away from the Savior. Turning to Him is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

Much love from Durrës,
Motra Missy

Me... in glasses.

Durrës library

view from our new apartment (we had to leave the sisters :( sad sad tears...)

An albanian version of Syd Crockett (but seriously, it's trippy)

Me with a John Lennon statue..... haha

Stadium lights, sooccccerrrr!!

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