This is a fantastic article about modesty for women. If you've got a second, check it out, it's definitely worth your time.
I especially liked this part...

"...when we fixate on the inches showing we are missing the point.  When we judge girls and women for the skin they are or are not showing, we are minimizing them to their bodies and repeating the same lies that females are only bodies in need of judgment and fixing. We are even perpetuating the shame-inducing belief that female bodies are sinful and impure, and must be covered to protect boys and men who can’t be held responsible for their thoughts or actions."

This is something that always bothered me when I was younger when my youth leaders were teaching me about modesty. It was always about how if we dressed immodestly, boys would have inappropriate thoughts. I hated that. It's not my responsibility what boys/men are thinking and it made my feel like my body was a shameful thing that would induce sin if seen and should be kept hidden. That's not the case at all and I feel that aspect of discussion is completely missing the point, purpose and importance of modesty. We need to teach our tender, young girls differently and help them to really understand that they are more than just objectified bodies and that modesty is about respect and love for self.

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