day 9 - V&A, natural history, thoughts

Today we went to the Victoria & Albert Museum. I was so overwhelmed that I didn't even try to see the whole thing. That place is huge. And unfortunately, the part I was most excited for was closed (fashion and ball gowns). But it's open again on Saturday so I'm going to go back. 
They had a fabulous collection of historic photographs, paintings, amazing casts from famous sculptures around the world, etc... I think the thing that caught my eye the most was all the wonderful textiles they had from so many different cultures over the centuries. The patterns and colors were brilliant. I wanted a sample of all of them! Especially the victorian floral prints, gorgeous... gor-ge-ous.

Afterwards we stopped by the Natural History Museum....
I don't know if I was just tired or hungry or what... but it wasn't that great to me. I wasn't really interested in taxidermy animals and bug collections so I went home to warm up and eat food (PS- it's going below freezing tonight. Yup. Below freezing.)
I then skyped with my mom and sis and made bread with Mirielle. And now I'm sitting in the kitchen with peeps just talking and editing photos.

John Fact of the day:
(Background info: there's a buddhist statue at the V&A Museum with the figure holding their hand up in a "stop" motion.)
This statue is the first ancient stop sign. Just rotate for the direction needed!

#1 - Let me just say, I'm hungry all. the. time. 
Walking all day and every day is making me SO hungry. I'm like a bottomless garbage disposal, I can't eat enough.

#2 - I discovered mars bars. Ha! So yummy. And kind of a problem. I just want to go back and buy more.

#3 - My kitchen has striped tiles on the walls and I really like it.

#4 - I was really excited to meet locals and talk to people with their English accents. But so far, all the people I've talked to in the streets (save a few) have all been American. Even at church... the bishopric guy, half the speakers, one of the people saying the prayer, the sunday school teacher and the relief society teacher were all American. Seriously? So lame...

#5 - I love the TV show Sherlock even more now because I recognize the locations and know the places they talk about :) Happiness.

Goal for the night, go to bed before midnight. Let's see if that happens.


  1. The V&A has my favorite gift shop of any of the museums! I know - it's odd to have a favorite gift shop, but spend 15 minutes in there next time you go and you will see why. They have the most interesting and unique things!

  2. I totally agree! I loved the gift shop! It was full oh so many fun things :)

  3. According to all the Brits that I met in England, Brits don't live in London, it's for foreigners. British people living in London are weird, unless you're the royalty and you have to.