day 8 - courtauld museum, sherlock, tardis

More things that I've noticed about London:
#1 - They charge you for grocery bags.
#2 - They also charge you to "Eat in".
#3 - It's really hard to get used to traffic. I'm going to get hit by a car.
#4 - I still don't really know what a "hob" is. So far we have found that a hob is:
-A shelf or projection at the back or side of a fireplace, used for keeping food or utensils warm.
-A tool used for cutting the teeth of machine parts, as of a gearwheel.
-Chiefly British A hobgoblin, sprite, or elf.
-Mischievous behavior.
-(Cookery) the flat top part of a cooking stove, or a separate flat surface, containing hotplates or burners
-(Cookery) a shelf beside an open fire, for keeping kettles, etc., hot
-(Engineering / Tools) a steel pattern used in forming a mould or die in cold metal
-(Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Animals) a male ferret

#1 - I have a fear of trains. Riding the subway everyday has been a unique experience. I avoid the fear and adrenaline by not looking at the train when it rides up and thinking happy thoughts :)
#2 - I should check the weather more often because every day it rains hard, I just so happen to wear my Toms. At the end of the day, I'm freezing from my lack of coat and wet feet. I suggest you learn from my experience.
#3 - Clark found a shirt in the garbage and is wearing it right now. (To give him justice, it was the garbage in the laundry room and it's actually really nice.)
#4 - There are multiple lines of laundry hanging in my room. It's a sea of laundry.

Today we went to the Courtauld Museum. It used to be a personal collection. What an amazing little collection! Besides the British Museum, it's been my favorite so far. I loved it. So many names that I love from history: Rubens, Degas, Mondrian, Van Gogh, and so many others.... It's amazing seeing these works in person. You can see the texture, brushstrokes and flaws. You can see the artist as an individual coming through the work. It adds an element of life and intimacy that you don't experience when you're looking at a picture of the piece on a computer screen or projector. I've gained such an appreciation for work that I've never really liked before or just didn't care to study and now I love. And I've gained an understanding on another level that I could've never learned from a classroom. It's been an amazing experience.

After we went to the Sherlock (modern TV show) door where they film 221b Baker Street. And I of course took a picture because I love that show! And then we went to the actual 221b Baker Street where the Sherlock Museum is. I'm not a souvenir fan but I found a book named Sherlock Holmes School of Self Defense and I just absolutely could not resist. So I bought it :) And it is just great! I don't have it on me right now, but I'll type up some quotes from it later because it's pretty fabulous.

While we were on our picture op hunt, we went over to find a Dr. Who Tardis. I don't really watch Dr. Who, but I took the picture for all my Dr. Who friends, I love you all :)

We had class tonight for 19th century art history. I love art history. I wish UVU had an art history major. I would seriously consider doing it. I definitely want to do the minor if they get it in time for when I graduate. Cross your fingers.

That's all for tonight. I'm off to bed!

Forgive the last minutes Instagram photos.

My awesome book from the Sherlock Museum.

Dr. Who Tardis.

Sherlock Museum.

Modern BBC Sherlock TV Series 221b Baker St. location.

Me with Van Gogh. We're buds.


  1. During my semester in London I learned that it was worth the money to go to Accessorize and buy one of their umbrellas because they are the smallest you can find and also really cute. Then you just stick it in your bag and you are ready for the random rain that seems to happen every day at the oddest times. Boots probably has umbrellas for less, but they usually aren't as small.

  2. I do have an umbrella, so that helps :) and as far as boots, we're leaving for Paris on Monday and so I figured it wasn't really worth it.. I just wear my chacos and suck it up ha!