day 6 - markets, girls night and pictures

Funny story. 
When we first got to our flat, our "RA" (I guess you could call her that), had a meeting with us and told us that we have keys to the building and that we shouldn't let people in behind us because, well, they could be a creeper trying to get in and that's not cool. So yesterday when we were coming home from Camden St, Tia was the last to come in through the door. I was watching her as she went to close the door and saw a girl running up behind her to catch it. The look of panic on Tia's face was priceless as she slammed the door behind her yelling, "I'm sorry, I can't let you in!" and then ran up the stairs in front of us to hide from the girl who was now unlocking the door to get in. I about died laughing, literally, I almost fell down the stairs. It was absolutely hysterical. The look on Tia's face and the look on the girl's face as Tia slammed the door hahaha, so so wonderfully hilarious :)

Some things that I've noticed about London.
#1: It's cold. Always.
#2: The public bathrooms are more private than American ones, the doors are usually floor to ceiling.
#3: There are never toilet seat cover tissue thingys in the bathrooms.
#4: McDonalds are really nice. Seriously. They have awesome colored office chairs at the tables.
#5: The public transportation system here is brilliant.
#6: Back to the bathrooms, the ones I've been in so far are really nice and very clean.
#7: The grass in the parks are out of control wild. Long with weeds. Do they ever mow it? I dunno.
#8: Their hot chocolate is soooo good. I'm drinking some right now. The butter is creamier and the yogurt is thicker. Heaven. 

Weekends are our free days, we get to do whatever we'd like. We decided to go to Spitalfields Market to do some looking around. There was some pretty cute stuff. I didn't really feel like shopping though, I'm pretty stiff when it comes to spending money (which would be why I'm still wearing clothes from 9th grade... ) and so Mirielle, Rick and I broke off from the group and decided to try some good ol' fish and chips. I didn't know chips were french fries until today, I always wondered... We got them from the most recommended restaurant (poppies I think?) and wow, so good! I'm definitely a fan of this fish and chips thing.
We also went shooting around in downtown London. There were so many beautiful shapes and tones and the juxtaposition between the old London and the new London was very interesting. It was lovely. I really enjoyed shooting there.  
We went back to the flat because Rick ran out of film and we rested for a bit. Then Mirielle, Tia and I went out shopping. I got some cute sweaters for really cheap at Primark. Awesome priced stuff, it's kinda rad. And then we got ice cream cones at McDonalds and took the bus home. It felt really good to be with two close friends hanging out around the town instead of a massive group. I really enjoyed it.
Now everyone's out pub hopping and I'm drinking hot chocolate in the living room with Clark and Mirielle and listening to Bon Iver. It's lovely and relaxing. I love this trip :)

For one of the classes I'm taking out here, we get to choose our "thesis" or topic to shoot. I decided to do black and white, square format and unusual compositions for my project. Unusual meaning, unusual for me. I normally shoot very symmetrical and centered and it's starting to bother me. I want to shoot in ways that I normally wouldn't. Of course the symmetry is still coming through, but I'm starting to see things in new ways that I haven't before. It's a long and slow process, but I'm getting there :)

Here are some of the shots that I've been working on. Photo peeps, give me some good constructive criticism, I'd really appreciate the feedback. (Ps, these are more on the rough edit side... )


  1. coollll.... sooo coooolll.

  2. I LOVE the assymetry, the feeling it gives is much different from if it were symetrical. I love the church pews the most!