day 7 - it's been a week

I've been out and about overseas for a whole week.
It went by much much too fast :(

Today we went to church. There was a YSA ward that met just down the block. It felt at home to be in sacrament meeting. Gosh I love the gospel :)

Funny saying of the day from sacrament meeting: "Bless his cotton socks."

After, we went back to the National Gallery. So beautiful. My favorites were Turner, Caravaggio and Canaletto. But those are just the first ones coming off of the top of my head right now :) The National Portrait Gallery was my favorite though. They had more 20th century work and I enjoyed it greatly.

And now we're just chillin'.
Definitely a calm day. It's been nice to relax.

I also wanted to publicly announce that I love my mother lots! Wish I could give her a great big hug right now. She's just the best :)

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  1. ahh shucks...thanks! Love you too, it was wierd not having you home today, glad you're having a blast!! Miss you!!