day 5 - getty images, national gallery, camden st

The more I stay in London, the more I realize that as much as I adore this city, I don't think I could ever live here. I absolutely love the sun and there isn't any here.
But today there was sun and it made everyone happy including me :)

We went to Getty Images today. We got to meet with a photographer, an art director and another person in charge (I don't remember what he did). They went over how they ran the place and how they worked with their photographers. It was very informative and very interesting. I really enjoyed it. It also completely changed my perspective on stock photography. I had always thought it was so boring and probably the last thing in the world that I would want to do as my profession for photography. But after learning about what Getty does and what some of their hired photographers shoot... it's definitely something that I'm interested in now. If you want an idea, check out this video, it's pretty sweet.

After... Mirielle, Rick and I headed over to the National Gallery to get a head start on the museum (I tend to be slow in museums... as has been made apparent by the fact that I haven't been able to finish one yet). Instead, we ended up going to the St. Martin-in-the-Fields church in Trafalgar Square. We went inside and there was a string orchestra practicing for a show they were playing that night. It was incredible. The acoustics in the church were unbelievable. And the music... it was so smooth and soft on my ears, it was delicious if you could describe sound that way. Truly beautiful. What a wonderful thing to accidently stumble on.

The National Gallery was great. But unfortunately, I was so exhausted from the packed week that I couldn't take it all in... so we browsed around a bit and then left. I'm going to go tomorrow when I play catch up on all the other museums I need to go back and finish.
(Random- I ran into a friend at the museum today. Someone I haven't seen in about 2 years who's from Utah. Crazy right? Small world...)

When we finished with the gallery, we headed over to Camden Street. It's such a unique place with so much character ... and is totally sketchy. There were definitely some shady folk. Good thing I was with a group (Clark, Tia, Mirielle and Rick). We went to find food and found the funniest little alley with 3 competing food stands. One chinese, one indian, and one american. The chinese one had a guy that was totally bashing on the poor little indian stand. Clark and Mirielle got food from the indian stand and the rest of us went to the chinese stand. Now just imagine this... a very raspy and harsh robot voice that's projected crazy loud. And now in that voice, say this phrase: "yo friends are not smart, their food is bad, chicken overcooked." And if that's not hilarious to you, I guess you just had to be there because it was ridiculously hilarious :) After we found a doughnut stand and got 6 doughnuts (that were amazing!) for 2 pounds. Total score, they were delicious. I also saw a store that had the windows lined with old Singer sewing machines. It was so cool! I wanted them all. So rad. And then we went home because it was absolutely freezing.

Speaking of freezing. I had no idea/was not in any way prepared for how cold London gets/pretty much always is. I thought hey, Utah is 80 and sunny, I'm going on vacation, it's summer... it's gonna be the same. I expected rain, yes. But I didn't expect frigid cold/wind. Boo. I have a measly little cardigan.  Not cutting it. Oh wells...

We have the weekend to do whatever we'd like. I'm excited to see what comes of it!
(I'll do pictures tomorrow, too late tonight.)

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