So I woke up Wednesday, ran a lot of errands. Jordan asked me to go to lunch with him so that we could talk about stuff we had to finalize (insurance, etc...) and we both decided this divorce was dragging out forever and I asked him to call the court to see if there was anything at all that we could do to speed up the process. Then I went to class.
When I got out of class and turned on my phone, I had a text from Jordan asking to call him asap.
So I did.
And guess what he told me? That we've been divorced since August 24th and the court neglected to let us know.
Yup, that was a shocker! I mean, I've known this was going to happen and I wanted it to stop dragging on, but I wasn't expecting it until November 2nd and so to hear, "oh and by the way, you've been divorced for over a month" was kind of like being hit in the face with a brick. What am I supposed to feel about something like that? Sad my marriage is over? Happy the divorce is finally over? Relieved? Excited? Depressed? I dunno, but I felt them all at once and it was pretty overwhelming. But, for the record, I'm very glad this is all over. I mean, I'm single! Weird huh? I never thought I'd say that one again. It's exciting, I get to start a whole new life.
Some of you might be wondering, but wait, what happened to the 90 day waiting period? Well, I can't really answer that question because I have no idea. Apparently the Judge got signature happy and we slipped through the cracks. I just can't believe they didn't even let us know! It's pretty hilarious actually, thinking I was married when I wasn't.
Anyways, that's my story and now it's over :)


  1. those are the type of things people kkiinnnda need to know! way crazy. i think the court people need to work on their customer service :)