February 10, 2014

another week in shqiperi

Ya know what I think is just hilarious? We'll be sitting in a lesson, they're talking about who knows what.... I obviously don't understand (refer to the who knows what comment). Albanian turns to me, "did you understand that?" and I respond with a "uuuh, no." They then proceed to explain to me what was said... in Albanian. Uh... I don't think you understand that the problem is that I don't understand... Albanian
Hahahaha, makes me laugh every time :)
We had a baptism last week! Woo! That was exciting and beautiful and full of the spirit. I love the girl, she's enthusiastic and kind and so full of potential. She always so "ooooh motër!" in the funniest way and then winks at me, love her to death :)
We were teaching a recent convert last week. She invited a friend. So we adjusted the lesson to her friend. At the end of the lesson he basically asked us to be baptized. Uh, yes. We can help you with that. It was pretty fantastic. I was kind of on fire the whole day about it.
We played soccer on the beach today with a bunch of other districts. Yes, it's February and we're playing in the sun on the beach. Sorry people living in the cold. Actually, I'm not that sorry, I'll be suffering in the death heat of summer haha
I just realized how crazy unorganized this email is. My apologies. Truly.
Okay, I'm going to end my email on this last story.
Remember the guy I invited to baptism who said yes that I talked about a couple weeks ago? We finally got to go to his home and meet his family yesterday. I wish I could describe the experience. There are a lot of people who are very, very poor here, but I haven' t been into a home like this one before. We turned off the mud road into a mud yard to walk into a cement box that couldn't have been half the size of my kitchen. Cement floor and tin roof. When we sat down, the little girl went out and very proudly with a huge smile on her face brought us out some coke on a tray with a handmade lace cloth. They were so humble and so kind. My heart ached for them. In the middle of the lesson, it started pouring and we had to pause the lesson so they could put plastic over their windows so that their house wouldn't flood like it normally does.
I realize that a lot of people live in these circumstances and a lot of people serve with people who live in these circumstances. But it was my first time being in it. And it really was a reminder to me of how much the Lord loves us each individually. No matter how hard life is, no matter what injustices we are served, the Atonement will make everything right. Christ suffered all so that all could be made right in the end. What a gift that we have to come to earth, to learn, to grow, to receive bodies and an opportunity to practice our agency. And if we choose to turn to the Lord, He will bless us and He will make our burdens light. I love my Savior. And I know He loves that family. Mortality is but a brief moment. Turn to the Lord and you will be able to find happiness.
I love you all. Look for the God's hand in your life, it's there.
Motra Missy

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