December 12, 2013

Nuts! Ah! Scary! Exciting!...... ah!

Okay, enough of that :)
Want to know something about Albanian? There are 12 different ways to say "my". And they don't fluctuation to show emotion, they use verb tenses. For example... if you're surprised, you change how you conjugate the verb. If you're wishing someone.. whether it be a curse or a blessing... you change the conjugation of the verb. If you're telling someone to do something, you change the conjugation of the verb...... my brain falls out of my head basically everyday. Sometimes it gets kicked around, but I usually always get it back in my head ;) Usually haha... It's tough, but it's coming. One of my teachers says I'm exactly where I need to be with the language which was very comforting to say the least. I really do think Albanian is beautiful, I'll excited for when I can actually speak it! 

Another exciting thing, my brother is in the MTC in less than a week!!!!!!! Let's all be excited about this, I get to see my brother :D Speaking of... Aaron, you must find me on Wednesday when you get here (I sit by the window at dinner) because the next day is the start of my consecration week, meaning I can only speak Albanian for a week. I kind of want to talk to you, sooooo... find me when I can speak english and I don't have to have someone translate for me haha

We got to hear from Elder Cook on Tuesday. That was rad! Of all the times to be in the MTC, right now is the best time :) The choir director told us that he's been here for 11 years and he's never seen so many apostles come in such a short period of time (other than the mission president training that happens over the summer). So cool. So so cool. I feel so very blessed to hear from so many amazing men of God and am so excited to hear from more.

I was in the "posh" gym the other day and was watching a general conference as I cardio-ed haha and watched a talk from Elder Holland about the Book of Mormon. I had forgotten about it and had forgotten how incredibly powerful it was. http://www.lds.org/general-conference/2009/10/safety-for-the-soul?lang=eng&query=safety+for+the+soul

There it is, you must watch it, really. The spirit is so powerful as it bears testimony of the truthfulness of Elder Holland's words. I truly believe that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it is a life changing tool from God to bless our lives. I have experienced the many blessings from this divine book as I use it daily to receive revelation from God and answers to prayers, receive peace, find comfort and direction in how I should live my life. I can't say enough how true this book is, how divinely inspired it is and how much it will completely change your life if you allow it to. It has changed my life and my relationship with God and Jesus Christ is strong because of this book. I promise you as someone who has experienced its power and a missionary for the Lord that if you are doubting the truthfulness of this book, if you read it and ponder it in your heart and pray with the faith that God will answer your prayer... you will receive an answer and it will change your life. If you know of it's truthfulness but don't read it everyday, cut it out! (I say that with love :D ) Read it everyday, doing so will bless you tremendously. Why would you want to miss out on so many abundant blessings that are at your finger tips? It has blessed my life and I know that it can bless yours.

I love you all dearly.
Motra Missy

I totally forgot about my funny story! 
We were doing door approaches and I was nervous because it was my first time and also to the teacher that intimidates me haha
So I was bearing testimony to him that God loves him and wants to speak to him... and he just starts laughing. SO hard. And I am so confused. He starts repeating what I said as a question and I say yes, He wants to speak to you, I know He does. And he starts laughing even more. By now I'm completely thrown off and he stops the door approach. 
He tells me, Sister Russell, you did very well. Good job.... except... you told me that God wants to sleep with me.
aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! I about died hahahaha oh my goodness. Embarrassing. I was testifying to him that God wanted to sleep with him hahahahahaha
Anyway, I hope you enjoy how talented I am at Albanian :)
Much love!

It was my companions birthday last week! Yay for being 20!!

Look who I found hanging out in my residence hall :) Basically the best surprise ever, I adore this fine lady. Mallory Goodman
Some more black and white pictures from temple walks :) Don't judge me, I know the filter from my camera blows out the highlights and adds way too much fake grain, but I don't care, it's as good as I get right now haha

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