Side note: I have a south facing home.
In other words, I never have to shovel my driveway. After waking up to a foot of snow this morning, this is a glorious thing.

If you haven't heard yet (which I'm sure you have) my sister is serving an LDS mission. She turned 19 in July so yes, this is all very sudden to say the least. She got her mission call on Wednesday and it was an emotional night for me. I'm so intensely excited/happy/proud for/of her and all of the above. This is an amazing opportunity for her. She gets to be a part of the valiant army that's going out into the world sharing the gospel with all who will hear. I get emotional just thinking about it. It was my dream to serve a mission, I'm so happy it's Jessy that gets to do it first in our family.

It took her a while to actually open her call, as the pictures show so well. And where is she going?
*drum roll*
Tampa Florida! Spanish speaking! Ah! My baby sister is going to be a spanish speaker, crazy huh? And those of you that know me know that a good handful of people that I have cared about served in Tampa Florida, how fitting that my lovely, little sister should serve there as well. Clearly she's being sent there for a reason, I'm so looking forward to seeing what those reasons are.

Here is a timeline of photographs of my sister opening her call (keep in mind that I was shooting at waist level so I could watch her with my eyes and not my lens and so some of them are weird). You can fill in the dialogue, it's pretty funny. I think my favorite photo is the last one when she read that she was going Spanish speaking, hahaha, I can't get enough of it! So funny!

Oh sister, how I love you.

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