The more I shoot with film, the more frustrated I am with digital. It just doesn't produce what I want it to. Conclusion- I'm shooting more film.

I'm currently scanning film from a good friend's wedding that I helped shoot. (Which is why I mentioned the film thing.) But this couple.... this couple is that couple. The couple that everyone dreams of, so loving, so caring, so willing to serve each other. They inspire me really. I want to be the kind of person that has that type of cherished relationship because it's who I am... it's how I act and is a result of my very character. They make me want to be a better person so that I can have that kind of sacred love.
Confession. I think about it all the time. Falling in love and having a healthy, joyous and giving relationship. Being with someone that inspires me to be better, work harder and love more. Finding that person that makes me want nothing else but to be with them forever and call them mine.
Life is lonely when you don't have a companion to hold. Especially when you know what it's like and don't have it anymore........... okay, I'm not feeling sorry for myself, just hopeful and longing for the day when it's my turn to fall in love again.
Because who doesn't want that?
And I'm a romantic.
And a girl.
And I think about that kind of stuff. So don't judge me.

I shot this image on the way to my friend's wedding. It's cross processed Kodak Gold shot in a modified Holga. I'm pretty satisfied with it. Mainly because it's switching things up for me, it's something different and it's exciting. And with the lack of love in my life (as suggested above), exciting is a very welcomed thing.

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