guy returns

Yes, that is correct. I am once again dating Guy. I was really holding back on him because of fear... I have a lot of it. But it all changed when I was sitting with two girls from my ward and we were talking about dating. I started giving one of the girls advice about how dating requires a lot of faith and you shouldn't approach commitment with fear because if we trust in the Lord, hearts can be mended and it will all work out. Even as I was speaking those words, I knew that I wasn't following my own advice. Commitment terrifies me... with good reason. I kinda had a bad experience. But I don't think I will ever fully move on until I start putting myself out there and trust that the Lord will take care of me.
That brings me to where I am now, dating Guy. It's the first time I've been in a relationship like this since Jordan. It's kind of weird, but fun. I'll keep you updated.