I'm super allergic to metal.
It got to the point that about 5 minutes after I put in my earrings, my ears would start to bleed... that's bad news right thur.
So I stopped wearing earrings and my right ear sealed up.
But a couple months ago, Clark gave me an amazing idea! Paint my earrings with nail polish so I can wear them again. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? My mom would do it for the metal buttons on my  jeans when I was young and it worked wonderfully. I'm going to have a nail polish party and paint all of my earrings. Now all I have to do is re-pierce my right ear. Why is that so scary? Eesh. Who wants to come hold my hand?

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  1. lol that's hilarious...ya, I've had to clear nail polish some of my jewelry too haha, rings though. Hadn't thought about earrings! It's crazy that only your right sealed up! good luck with the re piercing.