picture post

A post with pictures? What? I know, it's exciting :) (they're only instagram photos, super easy though)

Picture explanations.
I really have been liking skies... totally cliche for instagram, but I like it anyways.

Remember the other day when it was pouring rain? Well, I was out on a bike ride with the dogs and a friend (Annalee). It started down pouring right in the middle of our ride. We were so wet by the time we got home, we might as well have jumped into a swimming pool and it wouldn't have made a difference. So we just stayed outside and played in the rain. It was so so much fun. And it was absolutely beautiful. Totally worth taking the moment.

Tonight I doubled with Shauna, Darson and my good friend Jarom from high school. We went to the rooftop concert series and it was super fun. Jarom is an illustration major and so we played art games. We gave each other words and he drew them and I photographed them. How I love being friends with art majors :)

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  1. I'm so proud of you for doing awesome things and having great things to instagram as a result. I love it lots.