goodbye europe

For my last day in Europe, we all went to the beach. It was super fun once you master the tunnel vision technique to avoid the naked peeps. Weirdos.
I also got fried. I wouldn't suggest getting a nasty sunburn on your back right before 13 hours of sitting on a plane. It's not the best thing I've ever done.
After we went up the Sagrat Cor (Church of the Sacred Heart). It was beautiful and set up on a hill that overlooked Barcelona. We got up right as the light was perfect and got some beautiful shots. They had just barely closed but Clark talked sweetly and convinced them to let us up because I was leaving the next day. They were so nice and let us up, they were really great people, I'm happy I was able to meet them and see the church.
After we went to dinner and hung out and whatnot.
It was a good last day (even though this post is really short and you could probably think otherwise because of it).

Coming home from Europe was really hard. I wasn't ready to leave. But I'm excited for the adventures that this summer will hold, I can just tell that it's going to be full of a lot of them :)

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