day 29 - new hostel and friends

We moved out of the hotel today and into our hostel. There was a 2 hour lag where we just hung out at the park because we had nothing else to do. Tia and Meghan went on a walk and came home with a mannequin arm that they found in a dumpster. (Awesome? Yes. Do they still have it now? Of course.) I came up with a very entertaining idea and stuck it in my sweater sleeve to make it look like I was crossing my arms on my leg. Clark walked up and it took him about 15 seconds of eye contact and conversation before he noticed my new white plastic extension. He was confused for a second and then he understood what was going on. It was hysterical. I could not stop laughing. His reaction was priceless!

Once we got to the hostel, it was really nice. I'm pretty impressed with the price and the awesomeness of this hostel. Right now it's Mirielle (she's leaving in the morning), Tia, Brea (Tia's twin... which, btw, the whole twin thing is throwing everyone off, it's hilarious) Clark, Rick, Michelle, Elyse, Meghan, Kayla, Sammy and me. It's been really fun just hanging out. We went to dinner, which was delicious, and then hung out, relaxed and goofed off. Then we had a music party where Elyse, Clark and Meghan educated on the subject of epic music that I should be listening to. It was much needed and much appreciated and I'm very excited to listen to my new long list :)

PS - I adore Elyse. So so much. She's incredibly talented, hilarious and just awesome. I want to be her best friend all the time.

That was my day today. I'm dreading coming home. Bleh. But tomorrow is beach day, so I'm excited for that :)

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  1. Read your blog each day and I am glad that the finer cheeses have caught your taste :) Thanks for taking the time to write this! I love you tons :) Safe travels.