day 2 - playing tourist, getting lost

I woke up early this morning and walked with Tia and Mirielle to the grocery store down the road to pick up fresh bread and breakfast.
It was lovely.
Afterwards, we met up with our group and took a walking tour through parts of London. We played tourist and went by the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Bond Street (posh shopping). When we were done with all the touring, we were told that we had the rest of the day to ourselves to do whatever we'd like. I ended up breaking off from the group and wandering around London on my own. I kind of needed some solo time and it was the perfect fix. I took the Tube (which, by the way, is brilliant and very user friendly. I already feel like I can get around London on my own and be confident about it and it's only been 2 days... ) anyways... I took the Tube over to Notting Hill and then walked around Kensington Gardens. I just kept walking and had no idea where I was so I guess you could say I was lost (even though it took me only a few minutes to find a Tube entrance and then I knew exactly where I was...). I made my way to a grocery store and then headed home.
Rick (from our group) has a culinary degree and has been making dinner for everyone every night. Bless him. I came home to pizza hot and ready to eat.. which was wonderful to say the least. And then we hung out in the kitchen and made up games and had a good time.
Now I'm in bed completely exhausted. Probably more so than yesterday. But still so happy to be here. It's amazing! I would put up pictures, but Lightroom isn't installing and I don't want to edit them all from Photoshop so you're just going to have to wait :P I'll put up a few though..

PS- English saying of the day "Don't fuff about or do anything dodgy." So ya, no fuffing about, you.

(This was an awesome bird lady I saw at Kensington Gardens.)
(The London Eye.)
(The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.)


  1. Don't forget to mind the gap ;) that got annoying after the few days I was in London, I wonder if the locals hate it or just don't notice it anymore

  2. I love England through your lens! Awesome!

  3. i'm in love. with you. england. and your pictures. period