day 1 - flying, london, jet lag

It has been requested that I document my trip for people to read.
So here it is...

Lesson number one, don't accidently leave your phone in the airport bathroom. It won't be there when you get back.
Lesson number two, sometimes people are really nice and turn your phone into the lost and found so you can find it.
Basically I spent 15 minutes running around like a crazy person and found my phone right as my flight started boarding (thanks to my dad who had been calling it multiple times and told the person who answered where my terminal was).

My flight into London was fast and smooth. I attempted to watch a few movies but got bored quickly, small screens and headphones don't tickle my fancy I guess. I instead tried to sleep... which was a fail. I ended up listening to music and tried to get comfortable which kept me pretty preoccupied.
Riding "the Tube" after landing was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Who would've thought that following signs was so easy? :P However, it was a pain with my luggage. I thought that having a luggage with wheels was going to be difficult to navigate when it came to train hoping and so I opted to having a large duffle bag.
I wore it like a backpack (not a backpacking backpack, but a school backpack), there were no waist straps and it weighed 45 lbs. I thought I was going to die. It was so heavy that I had to stop every 50 ft and take a break. It was pretty hilarious actually. I flew out with my friend Mirielle and ironically she had the same stupid idea as me. We both were quite the sight hobbling down the streets of London with our giant duffle bags on our back. I couldn't stop laughing :)

Do you know where Hyde Park is? Because we're staying right across the street from it. It's a great little place, super cute. And it's by so much! The Natural Museum of History is right down the street along with the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Albert Hall. And there are tons of shops within walking distance in all directions. Some of us went walking down the streets tonight and it was just lovely. I'm so in love with London. It really is so beautiful here.

I'll try and post everyday that I'm here. We'll see.
And I also may never come back, just sayin' ;)
And did I mention I'm exhausted? Jet lag's a beast.


  1. Oh my gosh I love this so much! You are finally doing EVERYTHING that we always wished for!!!! Yeah! You deserve this Missy! Have fun!

  2. So fun! My mom's ward growing up was the Hyde Park ward, so gorgeous! If you ever stop by the Hyde Park chapel... Say hi for me :) (And if you ever hear the name Gill Blake mentioned... It's my mom. Who knows? Maybe there are still some people there who know her! haha.)

    So happy for you. and I miss you!

  3. So love everything about this fun-ness! I love Englad I wish that I could've lived there for a few months--or years. Except that I would have had to have a small fortune to do so!! Enjoy. I will be waiting to hear about it all!