day 15 & 16 - goodbye london, bonjour paris!

I couldn’t write yesterday because I was having issues connecting to the internet. In other words, the internet sucks and there will probably be more days when I won’t be able to write :P

I’m going to start with day 15 (Monday).

Today we woke up at 5am to get ready and meet John and Courtney at the tube station. We then headed our way over to Kings Cross (Harry Potter fans?) to leave for Paris. We took the Eurostar to Paris and got into town at about noon. I slept the whole way and it was wonderful. I was surprised at how comfortable the train was, a lot more than airplanes for sure.

We walked to our hotel in a torrential downpour and when we got to the hotel, they didn’t have our rooms ready so we dumped our luggage and went to find something to do while we killed time for 2 hours. Since we didn’t know where anything was, Tia, Clark, Mirielle and I just wandered around in the rain. We didn’t find anything interesting and came back to the hotel wet and cold, it was pretty epic in its lack of epic-ness. Not the best introduction to the beautiful city of lights.

Later that night, we had lectures with Courtney and John and then some of us girls went to shoot Tia with a speedlight and some crazy makeup. I got a shot I actually really like. It was fun!
That was day 15, mostly travel and adjustment, but still pretty good.

Now for day 16 (today).

We met this morning and headed over to Notre Dame. I’m definitely not getting over seeing these places in person; I still catch my breath from how incredible they all are.

Lesson learned of the day:
Don’t forget your memory card. Your heavy camera will become an expensive paperweight and your heart will cry in agony from not being able to document the beauties that you see.

As you can assume, I wasn’t able to take pictures today. So the couple hours that we spent in Notre Dame were spent writing in my journal and sketching what I saw. It was enjoyable for sure, more so when I got over being upset about my memory card.
Afterwards, we walked down the Seine river and headed over to Hotel de Ville for our wonderful and magical, wait for it…. bike tour of Paris.
And it was so good!
We rode around the back roads of Paris along with some famous landmarks and the tour guide would stop and tell us facts about the city and the places we were stopping. It was so great being able to see the picturesque spots that most tourists don’t know about and don’t go. And it was great getting a sense of the city and the layout. It was even better being able to ride a bike through the cobblestone streets with markets and smells of fresh bakeries. What a romantic introduction to Paris.

When it was over, we stopped by the market and I grabbed a baguette and some herb cheese for dinner (ya ya ya Shauna, I don’t want to hear it, it was more like garlic herb cream cheese).
Now we’re in the boy’s hotel room watching a movie.
It’s definitely been a beautiful day!

#1: Paris is magical, beautiful, lovely, enchanting and wonderful. I fell in love with London, but London is nothing compared to how I feel about Paris. It’s everything I hoped it would be. I love it here so very much. I wish so bad that I didn’t forget all of my French, but I’m glad I at least remember some :)
#2: (This one is for Jessy) I never thought this would ever, ever happen… but I’m obsessed with nutella. Holy smokes that stuff is good. I didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon but here I am…. on the bandwagon.
#3: Tomorrow we’re going to Versailles. I don’t think that I have to say anything more about how amazing this is going to be.

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