Thought #1:
I've always felt like I'm not a very feminine girl (super tomboy growing up and then martial arts, definitely nothing like cheerleading). But lately I've been trying to find some sort of balance between my feminine and non-feminine side like wearing makeup and doing my hair and wearing clothes that don't cross over as pajamas.
I think I've been remotely successful :)

Thought #2:
For spring break, I'm going with friends on a rock climbing/camping trip. It's gonna be bomb. I'm also in terrible climbing shape sooo... I'm going to be stomped. Like a little bug.

Thought #3:
I like to sew. And now that I don't have any future plans after school (aka having babies), I'm seriously considering studying fashion design (or at least taking some classes). I think it would be amazing to work in NY while I'm taking classes for design (there's really nothing good out here, it's all out east). Anyways, just some ideas that I'm playing with because I don't know what to do with my life anymore :P

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  1. You're an inspiration. =) Love all the plans you have...go get em' girl!!!!