I'm not saying this to offend anyone, but I really don't like the wedding announcements that are a collage of a handful of photographs and words on a single sheet of photo paper...
Some are better than others of course (I've actually seen some that I like, though not often), but as a photographer, I feel like it takes so much away from the images (takes away in a bad way). It's distracting, busy, and messy... You don't get a chance to appreciate the image for the image because the announcement is one giant mixed salad.
I like simple. Simple, beautiful and classy.

Like this:

 Or this:

 Or this:

All of these are from the blog Oh So Beautiful Paper, check it out, it's a fabulous site!

Print a lovely image and slide it in the envelope with all the other goodies and you've got a beautiful, classy and memorable announcement. The best part about all of it is that it's more affordable to make these type of announcements than you would think. Oh So Beautiful Paper has a ton of tutorials where all you do is make a stamp with your announcement on it and stamp your paper. Really affordable. Then go to Macey's photo lab on a wednesday and print out 3x5's or 4x6's to put in with your announcement for only $0.10.
Maybe it's being exposed to weddings so often, but wow, there are so many cheap ways to do a wedding and still keep it classy! I'm kind of excited to plan my wedding if I get married again. It's going to be cheap and awesome (do-overs kind of rock, I know what I'm doing now haha).
Anyways, that's my 2 cents :P

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