This blog is lame.
All I write about is shallow mumbo jumbo that no one really cares about, let alone me. I've been noticing this a lot in my life, I haven't been thoughtful or authentic in the things that I'm doing or saying. Life has been hard. I haven't wanted to sound negative and I don't want the pity that is so common when someone finds out I've been recently divorced. So it's been much easier to be shallow, to just smile and be happy and not go into any depth of what I'm truly thinking and feeling.
And it bothers me.
I don't want to be that person anymore. It's been affecting my art and my relationships in a negative way.
So here I am with a goal to be vulnerable, open and authentic in all aspects of my life. All aspects including this blog :)


  1. I like you. And I like anything you write, superficial or real.

  2. Way to go! If you can't do it here--where do you do it?? You are amazing. Anyone on here knows it. But life is just hard and better to work through it, than stuff it!!

  3. I love you Missy. I've never thought you were being shallow, only tough. I love everything you write and have always loved everything you have created. Keep it up Girl!

  4. well, you still like me even though I whine on my blog, so I guess I have to keep liking you if you go all human and vulnerable on us ;)