september 11th

For my documentary photography class, we were assigned to take portraits of individuals in the location they were at when they found out about the attack on the twin towers. I was taking a portrait of a friend of mine at Jordan High School because that's where he was at. Afterwards, he showed me the Sandy Healing Fields. I had never been before and it was incredibly moving. They had a flag for every person who was killed on 9/11 and along with the flags, they had a tag with a description of the individual who had died. I got chills looking down the sea of flags and some of the descriptions brought me to tears.
I was lucky enough to be there right as a special ceremony was starting. They had speakers and let off balloons, one for every person who died. And then unveiled a new memorial statue. There were firefighters and police officers from all over the state and hundreds of BACA riders. It really was a touching experience. I think the part that was the most special to me though, was when they brought up Nigel, he was the only fallen soldier that was mentioned.
I, like everyone else, remembers that day so vividly. It's humbling to see so many people who were so closely affected by 9-11 and how strong they are to press forward through it all. My prayers go out to them and all those who lost loved ones. God bless America.

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  1. Excellent shots, and way to capture the emotion of that place! What a somber occasion we remember there. God bless America.