procrastinating homework

I've been playing a lot with studio lighting on my own time lately. Just so pretty, I can't get enough of it :P

On another note, I taught the dreaded marriage lesson to the Laurels in young womens yesterday. I say dreaded because when I was in young womens, I hated that lesson. I felt like it was the same old sugar coated junk every. single. time. So, I told them in the beginning that I was going to be straight with them and tell them how it is. And I think it went very well. Despite everything that's happened with me and my life, I'm actually very open about it all. It was good being able to be open with them and share my experience. All I can do is hope that the spirit made some sort of impact on them.
Our divorce date is coming up. About 5 weeks left now. I'm really looking forward to it, I'm in awkward limbo land right now and it's making it hard to completely move on.
Well, I'm going to go back to homework!


  1. Missy! I have been seeing your work pop up on FB and I am in love with this stuff!! How fun and How TALENTED you are! It is sick! I am glad that you are getting close to some real CLOSURE! Still seems cruel that it can take so much time! Love you!! If you ever need and afro model, I am there for you!

  2. Thank you Julie!! And I will definitely keep you in mind ;)