January 5, 2015

Let me just say that I am absolutely in LOVE with Elbasan! I've only been here a week and I already love it so much. The city is beautiful, the people are amazing, it's just wonderful :) I'm happy I get to be here for the last little bit of my mission.

Random things that happened this week:
Our landlord made me drink a spoon full of olive oil to get rid of my cold......I wouldn't recommend it haha
My mission president sent me a text that he hoped I was feeling better from being sick. How cool is that? It made my day.
I got to drive to one of our investigators house that lives in a nearby village and the drive was absolutely stunning. We drove between hills filled with olive trees just as a fog had rolled in at sunset.... I was so happy. It made me so grateful for the beautiful life that God has given me.

Okay, not much has happened since I wrote like... 3 days ago haha So I think I'll just leave with a spiritual thought and some pictures.

I ready the other day "Free Forever, to Act for Themselves" by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. It's an incredible talk about agency and our personal accountability in life. I just loved it.My favorite line was...
"...God will not act to make us something we do not choose by our actions to become." 
I know this is true. Agency is such a precious gift that God will never take it away from us. We all have such great potential, God wants us to become like Him... but we have to choose for ourselves. I know that it is possible. Everything is possible when we turn to God... but we have to do our part. We have to choose by our actions... just having faith, thinking about it, etc... isn't enough, we must act. But once we decide in our hearts to change, to allow God to mold us into something greater than we could've on our own... beautiful things happen. Amazing things happen. 
This gospel is a gospel of becoming. It's made possible through Christ, we just have to reach out and accept the gift.

Much love!

The view from my apartment. Some pretty lame shots of new years fireworks, they totally don't do it justice... just keep in mind I have a super wide lens....


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