December 15, 2014

Last week was a crazy week. We went to Kosovo again, so that was awesome... and crazy, hence the lack of email last week. I've attached some photos of the drive up and the city. 

This whole He is the Gift initiative from the church has been just amazing. Being able to testify that Christ is the meaning of Christmas and the ultimate expression of God's love for us has been a testimony building and incredible experience. I feel a sense of urgency to tell everyone about this message and we have never worked harder. It's been so fulfilling, so wonderful. So many little miracles.
A cool thing, some missionaries translated the video clip themselves because it wasn't one of the languages the Church translated into. Some others also designed pass along cards and made giant posters. And the coolest thing! We also have little clips of the video playing on the giant TV billboard screens in 5 different cities, one of which being Tirana in our own little Time Square :) It's amazing to see it all over the place! It's so exciting! It's so great seeing all the missionaries take this initiative and run with it with so many wonderful ideas. It's been bringing so many people closer to Christ. 

Can I just mention that my mission president is incredible? We're doing twice a week Christmas devotionals at the church and inviting anyone that wants to come. About a half an hour before, we go out and street contact and try to get as many people inside as possible. Last night, President Weidmann came to our devotional and was street contacting with us. He talked to everyone he could. He is such an inspired man and an incredible example. Wow I love our President!

I heard something from our President that I really liked and thought I would share...
On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your spirituality? How frequent would you say you have the Spirit?
Now a question... what's stopping you from having a 10?
It really made me think. What IS holding me back from having the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost? What IS stopping me from enjoying all the blessings I'm entitled to in this life? 
I hope you're able to think about that and make any necessary changes to make it that 10. Especially at the start of a new year so soon... what a worthy goal to be closer to our Father in Heaven.
I also hope that you all are enjoying the wonderful spirit that comes along with Christmas. Christ is truly a gift from our loving Heavenly Father. I know that He came to this earth so that one day, we could go back home. 

Much love and many prayers,

The drive to Kosovo and some shots in Prishtina. That city shot, the little white box in the distance is one of the screens that our clip was showing on :)

The big screen in Tirana!

Bad english, my favorite :)

Chickens being sold on the side of the road, totally normal thing to see...

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