July 14, 2014

I had some pretty golden street contacting experiences this last week :) I'll talk about two.
First one. 
A fiery, sassy blond came up to talk to us. She was very dedicated to her faith.... and showed it in... not the best ways.... Oh man, the fire out of that little ladys mouth was intense! So right as she started going off about how we were of the devil and all that good shtuff, a member that we visit with pretty often walked up. She is also a fiery, sassy little thing. She talks talking with us. Finds out what's going on. And they... go off... on each other. And it was intense. Oh so intense! hahahaha I kept trying to break it up, but man, that lady would not back off of the member and the member was not going to not defend herself. It got to the point where at the end, the lady was very passionately informing us that our "soul will die, DIE!" .... whew. A little too much heat for me! hahahahaha
Second one.
Someone stopped when we asked to talk to them and we told them about the Book of Mormon. She responded with, "Oh! I've seen the movie. I know that book inside and out. The movie had a lot of action, I liked it." then walked away..... uuuuhhhh.... there's not a movie, and if there is, it's not in Albanian but... alright :) hahaha

We're teaching this adorable 8 year old who I love love love! And the last time we visited, she kept calling us "the Americans".... "Mom! I want to sit by the Americans!" "Don't call them Americans, they're Sisters!" ..............."But can I sit by the Sister Americans?" hahahaha ... it just isn't clicking with her that we're sister missionaries, because we're still the Americans hahaha

We were teaching english course this last week and we were teaching occupational words and I read off the word "lawyer" and one of the students (in complete sincerity, she was legitimately not trying to make a joke, seriously) says, "oh! That means liar!" ... hahahahahaha, I DIED laughing. No, no that does not mean liar, it means lawyer hahahaha it was pretty darn hilarious actually. Not that I have anything against lawyers, I think they're pretty swell people :)

Lately I've been reading the book Our Heritage. At first I thought it would be pretty boring, but I have a goal to read the whole missionary library and standard works while on my mission, so I had to do it! Well guess what, I've loved it! It's an incredible book. I am constantly feeling inspired by the history of the saints and what they went through. The thing that I think is so amazing is being able to look over such a large chunk of history and learn from it as a whole. It's been very enlightening to me. The Lord's hand was so prominent and is still so prominent. I also love learning about the pattern of revelation and direction that was given to the church. So often, very significant revelations regarding the church only came in response to a question. And it made me think about how much knowledge, how many blessings there are for us if we would just ask our Father. It really is incredible. Heavenly Father gives us our agency and doesn't force us one direction or the other ... but he gives us the tools to be as successful as we desire to be. 

Remember you're loved :)
Motra Russell

We got caught in the rain and were dripping wet. So we took pictures :)
There's a cinnabon here! What the what?! It just opened. Crazy! It tasted like America, it was weird :/ haha I also think I lost 5 years off my life from all the sugar.
Various missionaries that we were with today for pday.


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