January 27, 2014

Let's start out with some more stuff about Albania :)

-Most of the meat shops I see advertise their meat with adorable pictures of baby animals. It's basically a vegetarian's nightmare. 
-Speaking of advertising.... it's a copyright infringement mess out here. Google images is where it's at.... That's all I have to say about this topic haha
-Addresses do not exist. Okay, lie, they do... kind of. But they're pretty much worthless. Example: "Pl.563, Rr. Mujo Ulqinaku K.3 Door on right". Does that make sense to you? Good. Me either. It basically says, plot 563, the road, the floor and the door is on the right. Good luck finding the apartment building, the numbers usually don't go in order and to find this number, you look for a spray painted number somewhere on the building. A lot aren't numbered at all. If you want anything done, you draw a really good map. Literally.
-The clementines and oranges are fresh and amazing here. So juicy. So heavenly. So fantastic. Fresh plucked off the tree with stem and leaf still attached, doesn't get better than that.
-Motra Heathcote and I were in a bakery and Fresh Prince of Belair (spelling?) came on TV. Happiness. It was utter happiness :)
-If I forget to wear a sweater to church and only have on short sleeves, all the nëna's get mad at me. It's cold or something here, missed that memo.

Let's see, what happened this week....
Today we went hiking. My heart was so happy by this :) The view was gorgeous. Unfortunately my camera died..... But! I got some awesome polaroids, so all is well. There were old bunkers from communist era everywhere, that was pretty cool. Then hiked down to the coast line to enjoy the beach. The water crashing against the rocks was gorgeous. The air was fresh, the beach was clean. It was basically like pressing a restart button. It was so nice. And then some missionaries were hopping around on the rocks... Motra Singer decided to hop on a rock too.. but didn't have the best hopping skills and got stuck on a rock as a giant wave crashed up and soaked her.
(This is where I pause and laugh hahahaha) 
Oh man.
It was like watching a slow motion movie as the wave grew and grew and grew and crept up behind her while she crouched on the rock like a sitting duckling. Nothing I could do except yell brace yourself. Hahaha, poor girl :) Don't worry, she laughed too, I'm not a terrible person.

We started teaching someone rad this last week. On the first lesson, I invited him to be baptized and he said yes without any hesitation. Best. Day. Ever. Man! I was on fire! I am so excited for him! Here's one thing that I've really come to learn about the gospel. There are a lot of happy people out there. A lot of people that have good lives and make good, righteous choices and are overall good people in comfortable, good lives. This guy was one of those people. But the gospel is what makes life that much better. His life is now going to be that much better. It's seeing the light in people's eyes when they start living the gospel and accept it in their lives that makes missionary work so exciting. The gospel is a gift that anyone can have. An awesome gift that makes everything better than it already may be. Here's what I'm trying to say... If you're happy, wonderful! I am so glad for you! But I promise you that if you accept the gospel in your life and live it's principles, you will be that much happier. That's a promise from yours truly. I've seen it in my life and countless others. It's a scary change, but I promise you it's worth it. Don't take my word for it, try it yourself ;)

Much love,
Motra Missy

Sheep in the  middle of town

View from our hike

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