Surviving Albania!

So, Albania is still crazy Albania. PS- I'm in Durrës. It's palm tree weather here, wasn't expecting that! Everyone said it was cold in Albania, they are full of lies, it's 60 degrees.
The branch here is great, I really love the people and they have a good number of fantastic youth which is so excellent! I feel like I'm already so close to so many of them, that's been a blessing. Thinking about the people that I love gets me through the tough days. Which let me assure you, there are many tough days. Man oh man, I'm glad I have the Atonement to pull strength from because otherwise I would home right now sitting on my comfy couch or walking down a clean street, talking to people in a language that I understand.
I made a street contact and got a number! What!? Okay, she spoke english. haha.
Oh, a quick story! So, we were trackting (spelling?) in sketchville (let's be honest, it's all sketchville haha) and we found an amazing women! She was so kind and asked us to come back to talk more about the Book of Mormon, we didn't even have to ask her. I am so excited about her! She kept laughing everytime she asked me a question that I didn't understand... because it happened a lot haha she thought it was hilarious when I tried to speak Albanian, she said I was cute. Hey, I'll take it. If I can get into people's hearts by sounding like a 3 year old, I'll do it.
Being here on a mission has been incredibly difficult for me. More so than I ever anticipated. I was struggling to point of trying to convince myself by the minute not to come home. I don't think I've ever felt so empty and so surrounded by darkness. But I can testify of the reality of the Atonement and the priesthood. It has gotten me through every minute of every day here and I am grateful beyond words. Turn to the Savior, He died so you could overcome every challenge you face. I know this is true. I feel it every day.
I love you all!
Motra Missy

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