November 21, 2013

 So I've basically been here forever ;) Kidding! Sometimes it blows my mind it's already been 3 weeks, sometimes I feel like I should be halfway through my mission. Weird.

The language is slowly coming along.... slowly hahah... we teach "investigators" everyday (they're our teachers haha) but yesterday, we taught Buear, and for the first time I was actually kind of communicating with him!! YYYAAAAAYYY!!! Okay, I probably sounded like I was 5, but whatever, he understood me :) Here's an example of our conversation...
Buear: "I just don't feel that there's any church with the fullness of truth, they all clash, they don't agree. I don't believe that God lies, but how could all of these churches be his if they all disagree?"
Me: "I testify that church has fullness of true...........*long pause*.........*awkward stuttering*....... you pray?" .......
Yup, that's about how advanced I am, I'm a 5 year old. hahaha

The sisters in my district and I discovered the secret gym at the MTC. It's not really secret, but no one uses it. They play movies!!!! You can listen to headphones while watching a movie! Uh, spoiled much? I mean, conference while biking? The Joseph Smith movie while elipitcal-ing my face off? Best gym ever. And it's clean. And no one is there so it's not annoying crowded. And! Every time we go, the employee (always someone new) imparts their wisdom on us. It's wonderful :) We've actually gotten some really good advice. It's pretty fabulous.

I want to write a sentence in Albanian but I still struggle with the keyboard... so, I guess I'll try :P
Une e di që Perëndia do ty dhe Ai ka një plan për ty. 
I know that God loves you and He has a plan for you. 
Bah! I figured it out! Hurray!

Well my dears, I don't have much to write about. I always forget what happens, I should write down what happens so I have something on my prep. day to write about. But I will say this, the gospel is true. It's more than just something that teaches good principles. I have never felt such fulfillment and happiness from anything else on this earth than what the gospel can provide. The Spirit adds a feeling of depth and purpose to my life that is so incredibly peaceful, loving and comforting that I would literally give up anything the Lord asked me to to keep it with me always. This mission is a blessing. I already feel myself growing stronger and becoming more Christlike, it's been an amazing experience and I've only been here for 3 weeks :)

Much love,
Motra Russell
That means 'Albanian'
Beautiful fall leaves

Sister Singer and her fake phone

Sunday Walk
Me imitating the crazy flag

Crazy Albanian Flag

District Elders

Pilfered Prophet PIcs

Awkward Selfie

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